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EBP Kent - Work Experience Preparation

October 9 - 2014
Work Experience Preparation - Cornwallis Academy

With a number of students ready and raring to go out on Work Experience, it was important that a morning of selecting potential placements was offered to the enthusiastic Cornwallis Academy Year 10 students. It was refreshing to see an endless range of industries and sectors selected by such a forward thinking group of young people, who showed a genuine idea of where they hope future career paths might eventually take them.

EBP Kent - VisionXCel

October 8 & 10 - 2014
VisionXCel - Sandwich Juniors & St Joseph’s RCPS

Following last year’s successful launch, VisionXcel returned to deliver its unique brand of social action, encouraging children to look at their local communities and devise initiatives that would solve any problems that would improve the overall well-being of their society in general. Once again, the project seems to have captured the imagination of Kent’s young people as a range of new ideas were formulated and developed throughout mornings at Sandwich Juniors and St Joseph’s RCPS. If implemented, each and every one would undoubtedly have a significant, positive impact on both respective areas.

EBP Kent - The West Kent Skillsfest 2014

October 7 - 2014
The West Kent Skillsfest 2014

For the second time in as many weeks, The River Centre in Tonbridge played host to another of EBP Kent’s signature events. Enjoying its sixth year, The West Kent Skillsfest comfortably accommodated over 70 exhibitors from an eclectic range of backgrounds and specialism’s. Key Stages 3 & 4 were offered the chance to visit the centre, taking advantage of a unique opportunity to take part in industry specific table-top activities and be inspired by the wealth of aspiration-raising information available to them.

Most of the exhibitors in attendance had taken time out of their normal working day or used up precious holiday to attend what they saw as an important opportunity to speak to the ‘next generation.’ With a shortage predicted in certain key sectors, a keen sense of altruism was combined with a genuine desire to ensure the UK continues to produce skilled people able to take the economy forward.

From Microsoft to IBM, Spatial Dimensions to Take 4D, the West Kent Skillsfest presented an alien world of possibility to 1500 young people, providing a tangible goal to the curriculum’s teachings. Students were asked to give feedback at the end of the morning, revealing a genuine positive impact on future and potential destinations as well as some refreshing ideas on what they would like to see at next year’s event. Once again, a powerful synergy between education and industry was in evidence, producing perhaps the biggest and brightest West Kent Skillsfest, Tonbridge has ever seen.

EBP Kent - Work Experience Preparation Days

September 26 & 29 - 2014
Work Experience Preparation Days

St Georges C of E Foundation School, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, Ursuline College and St Edmund’s Catholic School all provided their Year 10/11 students with the opportunity to make some important selections regarding where they might like to go for their week long Work Experience. A range of areas were selected with each school able to offer a wide range of industry opportunities that will better influence their students decisions when they finally make that step into employment. Each day ran smoothly pointing towards another successful stint of work placements for each respective institution.

EBP Kent - TeenTech 2014

September 25 - 2014
TeenTech 2014

For the fourth year in a row, The River Centre in Tonbridge played host to TeenTech, bringing together 30 exhibitors to work with over 300 of Kent’s students. With a wealth of energetic and innovative stands produced by a variety of STEM based industries, the students were able to let their imaginations run wild regarding just where the future of technology and science might be heading. Global companies such as Samsung, JVC, Pfizer and Microsoft stood side-by-side with some of the best that Kent has to offer. Dancing robots, ‘mind controlled’ car simulators, forensic activities and motion capture themed gaming stands, were just some of the feast of lively and more importantly, engaging stands that made TeenTech 2014 the best Kent has seen yet.

Manoeuvring around the numerous zones that TeenTech has to offer, students were able to delve into industry-specific challenges, sample interactive, table top gadgets and enter a highly competitive app design challenge with a view to designing the next big tablet software. Evaluations taken before and after the day showed a significant shift in student perceptions of the STEM related world and a genuine desire, for many, to pursue a career within it.

EBP Kent - Employability Taster Day

September 23 - 2014
Employability Taster Day - St Simon Stock School

The Year 7 of the St Simon Stock School were able to enjoy a series of workshops that offered short, sharp snippets into the world of work encouraging the students to think about potential careers, sooner rather than later. From Civil Engineering to 3D Printing, Social Action to Hair & Beauty, an eclectic range of workshops provided a glimpse into a world of opportunity, suggesting pathway options and highlighting the general day-to-day aspects involved in working for a particular employer.

A special thank you to the students that attended the day, who astounded with the incredible manner in which they applied themselves to the event and displayed an incredible amount of respect to those hosting particular workshops.

EBP Kent - Work Experience Preparation

September 19 - 2014
Work Experience Preparation - Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

With employers readying the experience that they will offer to thousands of lucky students, many schools find it useful to make their applications as soon as possible. With that said Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys offered their students the opportunity to select their preferred destinations for their week long placements.

A variety of unique and wonderful opportunities currently exist and the students showed real ambition with the selections they made. As with previous years, the employers will once again be receiving a body of students who will prove to be more than capable within their chosen field of work.

EBP Kent - Employer Engagement Day

September 19 - 2014
Employer Engagement Day - The Ellington & Hereson School

For the second year running, Cummins Power Generation supported the aspirational aims of a select group of Year 7 students from The Ellington & Hereson School. Visiting the plush surroundings of the Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent, the students were introduced to a series of team building and communication tasks which would better prepare them for an employer-set challenge in the afternoon.

Ambassadors from Cummins Power Generation were then allocated to a student who they encouraged, taught and mentored through a complex and creative engineering task. Each student presented back their work at the end of the day, notably emboldened by the experience of working with people who operate in industry. All of the students, without question, showed a genuine desire to learn, combining brilliantly with their ambassador and producing some fantastic presentations. Once again, industry and education have melded to create an incredibly unique and powerful experience.

EBP Kent - Work Experience

September 15 - 2014
Work Experience Preparation - Sandwich Technology School

Sandwich Technology School offered their Year 10 the chance to make the difficult yet important choice of where they would spend a week’s worth of Work Experience. Employers who have supported the programme for years have been joined by a new and enthusiastic group of companies who recognise the importance that such an opportunity can have on a young person’s future career aspirations.

Students were able to make a selection of preferred industries, each one a distinct possibility as they make their way towards employment. The students were entirely professional in their approach, pointing towards a successful experience for both school and the employers.

EBP Kent

September 9 - 2014
EBP Kent - Welcome!

Another year arrives, promising a new batch of exciting initiatives as well as complementing established projects that have been polished, refined and once again improved. Employer-led events will continue to offer an insight into industry, melding the very best of business with education on a series of aspiration emboldening career days and workshops.

These are exciting times, with a profusion of business volunteers ready to engage and inspire the next generation, and an abundance of programmes ready to be tailored to suit individual school needs. Hot News is delighted to be able to offer a weekly account of everything EBP Kent related, detailing each and every event as when they happen.

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