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EBP Kent - Business of Enterpise

July 17 - 2014
Words for Work - Castle Community College

The final Words for Work session for this academic year, took place at the Discovery Park in Sandwich, for a select group of Castle Community College students. The project once again provided some incredible results, displaying a genuine improvement in the communication skills of the students lucky enough to participate.

Leaving the school premises, to present within a business environment, only heightened the occasion for the group of pupils who had spent 8 weeks digesting information in order to present back to ambassadors on the final day. The presentations were evidence of everything they had learnt over such an intensive period and paid testament to the wonderful support of the Cummins Power Generation mentors. 

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July 16 - 2014
Words for Work - St Edmund’s Catholic School

The St Edmund’s Catholic School were able to display the fruits of their labour during a final Words for Work session, that displayed an impressive range of progression from where the students started the initiative 8 weeks ago. Each and every student had vastly improved presentation skills, showing a renewed confidence in their ability to communicate thoughts and ideas into a coherent whole.

Their heightened ability to listen and analyse data was also evident, as the students confidently put forth detailed research that supported ideas and statements. A huge thank you must go, once again, to Cummins Power Generation, who lent incredible provision via some very supportive ambassadors indeed.

EBP Kent - Business of Enterpise

July 16 - 2014
VisionXcel - Grand Final

The plush surroundings of The Discovery Park, Sandwich, played host to the first ever VisionXcel ‘Grand Final,’ where 14 school teams battled it out to have their social action ideas crowned the overall winner. It is rare for a project to achieve such huge success during its debut year, but incredibly, the desire to make a difference pushed each and every group to produce moments of genuine inspiration. Local communities were analysed and researched as a range of eclectic initiatives impressed judges, not only through the detail, but the passion with which they presented them.

Clearly these children care about their local area and there is no doubt that many of these ideas would affect positive change to the numerous causes that drove these brilliant presentations along. With momentum now driving the program forward, next year should generate a wealth of action even more impressive than this current batch of wonderful social initiatives.

EBP Kent - Business of Enterpise

July 14 - 18 - 2014
Energise Your Future

For the third year running, Cummins Power Generation supported Kent schools in developing the next stage of energy production. With Cummins’ ambassadors supporting the students as they researched and formulated their ideas, the project continued to offer a high-end experience bolstered by genuine industry expertise.

The final, once again hosted at the Cummins’ Manston site, produced some incredibly prescient creations, complete with prototypes and a range of innovative presentation techniques. The students, who before tackling the main body of the challenge had to complete a series of power generating experiments, undoubtedly took the project to new heights, utilising the opportunity to work with an experienced ambassador and researching some wonderfully diverse ideas that would produce a more environmentally clean source of energy.

A deserving winner took home the main prize, but there is little doubt that the next generation of engineers will be strengthened by this gifted batch of young innovators.

EBP Business of Enterpise - VisionXcel

July 11 - 2014
VisionXcel: In-School Final - Aylesham CPS

With a week to go until the ‘Grand Final’ at the Discovery Park in Sandwich, Aylesham CPS were able to take advantage of a brief opportunity to decide which teams would represent them. The project has shown a genuine concern among young people for their local community and a desire to create change for the better. Some of the social action initiatives have been truly remarkable and Aylesham CPS proved to be no different in their very own final.

The initiatives were quite remarkable and each group had thought of a unique and original way to get their point across. A couple of groups were chosen to go forward but in reality, any of the finalists could quite easily have gone through, such was the high calibre of work on show.

Business of Enterprise: Grand Final

July 10 - 2014
Business of Enterprise: Grand Final

An incredible day took place within the surroundings of the Natwest/RBS headquarters, as the winning teams from the Business of Enterprise presented their successful in-school ideas, in order that they could be crowned this year’s overall winners of the competition. Not a single school had failed to produce a group who didn’t excel in at least one area of the competition, meaning that the judges had a real job on their hands if they were going to decipher a winner from a pool of such genuine talent. Market stalls were arranged, providing the judges a chance to meet the teams face to face and learn a little bit more about each individual member. Portfolios were also scrutinised as the teams gave a more informal account of why they were worthy winners.

The presentations themselves were something entirely different, as spectators were treated to a feast of ‘market-ready’ ideas that literally had people scratching their heads as to how teams so young could develop and produce something so pioneering. The room was awash with entrepreneurialism, as each and every group made it quite clear that they hadn’t attended to just make up the numbers. The presentations were delivered with such an energy and passion that every group became fixed permanently in the minds of the judges as potential winners. Unfortunately, with only a limited number of categories this wouldn’t be possible, but rightly each group were acknowledged for their outstanding efforts and innovative ideas.

After lengthy deliberations, the judges finally came to a decision based on the combined elements of the business plan, marketing, finances and the presentation itself, that meant although by no means easy, a worthy winner was crowned at the end of the day. Huge congratulations to everyone who competed this year, in perhaps one of the most competitive Business of Enterprise finals for many years. The only thing left is to see how next year’s competitors can raise the bar once again, taking the project to even more innovative, creative heights!

Business of Enterprise: Runners-Up Final

July 8- 2014
Business of Enterprise: Runners - Up Final

For the third year running, Cummins Power Generation played host to the Runners-Up final of the Business of Enterprise. This year has been notable for the high quality generated by each competing school, meaning that the Runners-Up final would prove as equally innovative as the winners’ competition in London. The Business of Enterprise knows how to generate prestigious moments and once again, this final proved to be no different. With 8 teams from the local area all vying to have their idea crowned worthy winners, there was an added incentive of defeating rivals all in the manner of a friendly business competition. Not one team gave an inch, in a final that was full of teams a ‘hairs breadth’ away from contesting in the capital.

The project not only asks the students to formulate a genuine business idea, but also to sell it to a panel of expert judges who grill the contestants on the feasibility of such a concept. This year the judges were met by a surplus of professional, young entrepreneurs, who had clearly done their homework and prepped for the inevitable questioning. Supported by some incredible presentations, that displayed a genuine passion for the ideas on show meant that this year’s Runners-Up final might just have been one of the strongest we have seen yet.

A huge thank you goes to Cummins Power Generation who invested a considerable amount of time in ensuring that the final ran as smoothly as possible and to the incredibly talented young people who continue to make this project such a creative and inspiring initiative.

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July 7 - 9 - 2014
Make it Work - Simon Langton Grammar Girls’ School

For the fifth year in a row, the Year 10 of the Simon Langton Grammar Girls’ School tackled 3 days of employer-led activities that would better prepare them for industry expectations and contribute to general future aspirations. From design to civil engineering, physics to fashion, there was a wide range of challenges and presentations that the students could learn from and research. The students, as with previous years, excelled as they displayed a keen eye for researching in great detail and an aptitude for delivering presentations within incredibly tight deadlines.

Each student was also entitled to the experience of a 15 minute interview that for many was the first taste of such a scenario. Once again, the students proved equal to the situation and found the process to be extremely rewarding and fulfilling, many noticeably leaving the interview room with a renewed sense of confidence. With a Keynote, both hilarious and inspiring, kicking off proceedings, Make it Work continues to display the incredible talents of the school’s gifted Year 10.

EBP Kent - Science

July 4- 2014
Forensic Day - St Edmund’s Catholic School

Transitioning from primary to secondary school can be a huge leap and one that determines the course/pathway that a student can take as they progress through school life. With that said, ‘Transition Days’ can be pivotal in introducing children to a new school environment in a gradual, productive way.

The St Edmund’s Catholic School welcomed numerous primary school children to their site, where they took on a forensic science challenge, introducing some of the incredible outreach projects the school is currently engaged in and providing each child with an ambassador who guided the visitors around the school.

EBP Kent - Employability Day

July 3 - 2014
Work Experience Preparation - Bennett Memorial Diocesan School

Work Experience can be an invaluable opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of the workplace and the kind of opportunities available to them in the future. With that said, it is vital that each student makes the most of their placement, soaking up every minute of the experience that they possibly can.

Bennett Memorial Diocesan School provided their Year 10 students with a jam-packed day of workshops linked to key employability skills that will go a long way towards the students having a fun, but more importantly, rewarding experience.

EBP Business of Enterpise - VisionXcel

July 2 - 2014
VisionXcel In-School Final - Barton Juniors

VisionXcel continues to gather pace as schools go through the difficult process of eliminating teams and submitting others to go through to the Grand Final. Barton Juniors are no different in this respect, determining a winner from a selection of incredible social action ideas that if given a chance would undoubtedly alter the local community for the better.

The teams impressed both in their market stands, which were overflowing in information and decoration and their presentations, notable for each one being delivered in a completely different and impressive style.

EBP Kent - Health and Safety

July 1- 2014
Safety First! - Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

With their Work Placements just around the corner, the Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School offered their Year 10 a series of brief, but informative talks regarding Health & Safety in the workplace. It is imperative that the students are able to operate in as safe an environment as possible, ensuring that their overall experience is an efficient and fulfilling one. The students listened intently to the information presented, providing future businesses with an assurance that they will be receiving some extremely prepared ‘temporary’ employees.

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July 1- 2014
Cosmetic Creation - Highworth Grammar School

A fast paced and innovative day took place for the Year 10 of Highworth Grammar School as the students, in teams, took on the guise of a marketing department in an established, successful cosmetic firm. Teams were asked to create a new, eye-catching brand of cosmetics and to think of original, economical and exciting ways to market it

The world of social media collided with pristine ad campaigns, as the students excelled in engaging pitches that impressed in their design and clarity of thought.

Tasks were dispensed with as if the students had been operating within this field for years, all on top of actually physically making their product too! A superb day - providing testament to the many creative minds that the school continues to produce on a yearly basis.

EBP Kent - White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts

June 30- 2014
L.I.F.E - Ursuline College

The Ursuline College provided their entire school with a series of interactive workshops, all designed to support the students as they progress through the school and enter into Higher Education or the world of work. Workshops linked to transferable employability skills, health, well-being and careers supported the students, ensuring they will continue to move up through the school with a confidence and vigour necessary to become future industry leaders within the county and beyond.

EBP Business of Enterpise

June 27 - 2014
Futures Day - Green Park Primary School

The Green Park Primary School offered their children the unique experience of speaking with employers and organisations from a variety of backgrounds, getting the thought processes behind future aspirations started as soon as possible. The day was set-up as a skills festival, with exhibitors receiving groups of children from the school’s Year 5 & 6, and discussing what it is that they do and how it is that they do it.

The kind of pathways that each employer took to get there was also discussed, as well as some mock interviews which allowed the children to open up about their future career hopes and dreams. Some lively and very interesting discussions took place that displayed a maturity beyond their years and a genuine desire to succeed later on in life. The school can be proud of the way its children took to the day and be pleased that some very positive futures await many of their students in the near future.

EBP Kent - Business of Enterpise

June 26 - 2014
Business of Enterprise: In-School Final - Borden Grammar School

After weeks of hard work and thorough attention to detail, the Year 9 of the Borden Grammar School finally got the chance to display their efforts, enthralling a panel of business judges with an eclectic mixture of ideas and professional presentations. It has been hugely rewarding for Business Ambassadors to work with this particular group of students, who have been as competitive as they have been diligent in their approach to completing tasks and readying themselves for the final.

Of course this makes things very difficult for the judges who had to discern a winner from a pool of equally capable talent. As is so often the case with the school, the judges entered into lengthy discussions as they tried to put preferred ideas aside in order to come to a unanimous decision. The overall winner was a deserving choice and will now surely go onto impress at the Grand Final.

EBP Kent - Science

June 25 - 2014
Work Experience Preparation Morning - Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

With any impending work placement, it is important to make sure that each student is as ready and willing to make the most of their opportunity as possible. That said the Year 10 of the Wilmington Grammar School for Boys was afforded the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops that will better prepare them for a normal work environment. Teamwork and Problem-Solving, Health & Safety and Presentation/Communication Skills, are workshops that will have provided the students with considerable food for thought before going on to enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

EBP Kent - Professor Whiskers

June 25 - 2014
Professor Whiskers

This week saw two Kent primary schools taking advantage of a new project entitled, ‘Professor Whiskers,’ produced in partnership with Cleantec Innovation. The initiative is a chance for junior children to carry out practical science activities as well as sampling data analysis techniques in order to complete a competitive challenge. Both days proved to be huge successes with some fantastic results delivered by the budding young scientists. It is hoped the initiative will plant the seeds of aspiration in many of the young minds who attended the days, encouraging them to look towards the world of STEM as a possible career.

EBP Business of Enterpise

June 24 - 27 - 2014
Business of Enterprise - Ursuline College

In an incredibly intense week, the Year 10 of the Ursuline College, showed huge perseverance by not only completing the Business of Enterprise project, but also in producing some wonderfully original and innovative ideas, that once again emphasised the limitless possibilities contained within such young minds. The groups were distinctly ‘tech heavy’ this year, formulating ideas that looked toward the future with unerring confidence.

The project seemed to hit the mark with many of the students, who have already displayed ‘the obvious’ signs of entrepreneurialism and a future desire to set-up their own business. It was no easy task completing the project in such rapid fashion, but each group performed admirably and showcased a final that was testament to the creative ethos of the project. The winning group will now enjoy the chance to compete against a host of other Kent schools.

EBP Kent - Global Village

June 23 - 2014
Global Village - Dane Court Grammar School

Dane Court Grammar School welcomed over 35 visitors from a variety of industries and backgrounds, to communicate the opportunities available in today’s global market. Organisations both local and national, many with a presence overseas, took the time to converse with some extremely receptive Year 11 and sixth form students.

A variety of zones provided each student with a carousel of prospects and a wealth of information. A skills fair heavily loaded with interactive stands, a series of quick fire workshops led by employers and experts within the field of careers, and a ‘Question Time’ panel made up of local MP’s and former students, meant the students were left in doubt as to the future possibilities available to them, both nationally and globally.

EBP Business of Enterpise

June 18 - 2014
Business Surgery - Borden Grammar School

The final Business Surgery for the Year 9 of the Borden Grammar School offered the students an invaluable last chance to work with Business Mentors on their chosen and dedicated idea. With so much at stake, it was imperative that any kinks were ironed out regarding presentations and business portfolios. This has been a particularly competitive year group so the chances are that the final will be a very competitive and tightly contested affair indeed.

EBP Kent -  Natioanl==

June 17 - 2014
Words for Work - Castle Community College

Words for Work continues to demonstrate the power of partnership between education and the business sector, as the results currently being generated have shown an upward curve in terms of the students’ literacy and numeracy skills. So far, the event has proven to be a huge success, but the final test will come when the students are asked to deliver a presentation showcasing everything that they have learnt back to the very ambassadors who have been teaching them.

EBP Business of Enterpise - VisionXcel

June 16, 19 & 20 - 2014
In-School Finals - VisionXcel

With Kent’s VisionXcel final drawing ever nearer, participating schools are now beginning the process of choosing who will represent them in what will be a prestigious and unique occasion. Judges from a variety of fields within the realm of social action were able to enjoy some incredibly diverse and innovative projects from the students and children at the Castle Community College, Priory Fields Primary School and Warden House CPS. A real passion has shone through for many of these groups, who have shown a genuine desire to do some incredibly positive things in their community. The winning groups from each school will be lucky enough to take part in the main final, but that’s not to say that there weren’t numerous other teams who would be more than justified in representing their school.

EBP Business of Enterpise

June 16 - 2014
Business of Enterprise - Sir Roger Manwood’s School

The Year 10 of the Sir Roger Manwood’s School were able to take part in the school’s annual Business of Enterprise competition, taking on the guise of young entrepreneurs, in teams, by coming up with a brand new and innovative idea that they would market, brand and finance, before presenting to a panel of business judges on the final day. From the very beginning, this particular year group displayed a diligent approach to research and development, many teams having already thought-up their ideas before the week had even started! Precious time was rarely wasted as each and every group displayed a genuine desire to take home the prize of ‘In-School Champion.’ This was no easy feat as the chosen 8 teams who contested the final, left little between them in terms of quality - each and every one a potential winner. A team, however, was eventually decided upon and they will now go onto compete against several other Kent schools in the ‘Grand Final.’

EBP Business of Enterpise

June 13 - 2014
Business of Enterprise: In-School Final - The Marlowe Academy

After weeks of hard work, the Year 9 of The Marlowe Academy was able to show their efforts with a collection of creative presentations promoting some well thought out and innovative ideas. The judges lucky enough to witness the final had a difficult time reaching an overall winner, due to the impossibility of separating between all of the groups, each one showing genuine quality. What has been most notable about the competition in the school this year, is the commitment each group has given to producing the best work, portfolios and marketing strategies that they possibly could. No stone was left unturned as each team showed a genuine desire to win and go through to the Grand Final. It has been a pleasure for the business ambassadors who visited the school and now comes the difficult stage of preparing the winning group as they proceed to take on the best that Kent has to offer.

EBP Kent - Science

June 12 - 2014
Forensic Transition Day - Dover Christ Church Academy

The Dover Christ Church Academy offered surrounding primary schools the opportunity to visit and take the opportunity of getting to know the school that little bit better. The transition from primary to secondary can be daunting, so days such as these can prove vital in helping to make such a big step that little less extreme. Visiting primary school children were able to take part in a forensic science session that better highlighted the kind of work and curriculum activities faced when attending a secondary school. Impressively, the children really took to the tasks set and showed a genuine aptitude for the kind of projects they might participate in, once they have made the move permanently. 

EBP Business of Enterpise

June 11 - 2014
Business Surgery - Borden Grammar School

With their ‘Masterclass Day’ completed, it was time for the Year 10 of Borden Grammar School to get down to the difficult task of inventing a new idea that they will eventually present to a panel of business judges further on down the line. Learning to work as a cohesive unit will be the initial hurdle that many of the groups will have to overcome, but there is very little to show that any of the students will struggle in what should be a very creative competition in the school this year.

EBP Kent - Employability Day

June 10 - 2014
Work Experience Preparation - Community College of Whitstable

It’s another week, which means another group of students are readying themselves for the chance to go out on Work Experience.  For many this will be a hugely influential period that will decide in which direction they might like their future careers to take. In order to guarantee the students are able to get maximum effect out of their placements, the pupils were offered the chance to take part in a series of workshops that were inspired by transferable employability skills and competencies. The students displayed a huge amount of energy and initiative in each one and showed encouraging signs that Kent employers will once again be about to receive some very capable students.

EBP Kent -  Natioanl==

June 10 - 2014
Words for Work - Castle Community College

Words for Work continued its stay at the Castle Community College, with the ambassadors and their designated Year 7 students really making headway as they tackle the numeracy and literacy initiative. The benefits of such collaboration are, even now, beginning to show with students who were initially reticent to stand-up and present, now displaying some newly improved communication skills. The project can only be evaluated for its effectiveness once it has reached its conclusion, but it is heartening for everyone involved to see such apparent progress already being made.

EBP Business of Enterpise

June 9 - 2014
Masterclass Day – Borden Grammar School

The Borden Grammar School launched their very own Business of Enterprise campaign, by providing their Year 10 with an introductory day of useful workshops that will better prepare them as they go forward in the competition. A keynote address, from an ex-Borden pupil no less, really set the tone for a day in which the year group displayed that they will be more than ready to meet the challenges thrown at them by the Business of Enterprise. Already there would appear to be a raft of young entrepreneurs in this current crop of competitors and no doubt the project will begin to discover some more innovative thinkers as the weeks go by.

EBP Kent - Science

June 6 - 2014
Work Experience

EBP Kent continues to expand its database of employers, all willing to provide an invaluable experience to students looking for Work Experience. Nearly 9000 students each year are lucky enough to benefit from the diligent work committed by EBP Kent’s Work Experience department. It cannot be underestimated that the skills learnt on placement can have a significant impact upon the aspirations of those embarking on the experience as well as confirming a’ purposeful progression’ into employment.

Whether there is a shift in the timing of the work placements from school to school, content analysis, vocational view or reflective outcomes, what continues to remain the same is the value of Work Experience for so many of Kent’s students.

EBP Business of Enterpise

June 6 - 2014
Business Surgery - The Marlowe Academy

The Marlowe Academy was able to enjoy one more business surgery before their Business of Enterprise in-school final, providing the Year 9 with a chance to refine presentations and complete business portfolios. With so much competitiveness coursing through this current crop of students, it is vital that they take advantage of every opportunity available. So far so good, but now comes the difficult task of impressing judges and finding their way through to the Grand Final in July.

EBP Business of Enterpise - VisionXcel

June 3, 4 & 5 - 2014
VisionXcel: Action Days

Following on from the successful launch days that took place in several Kent primary schools, VisionXcel visited three of those lucky participants, to follow-up the incredible work created initially by some very gifted children. White Cliffs Primary School, Barton Juniors and Aylesham CPS, all continued the plethora of work that has social action at its core. The presentations currently being put together already display a maturity beyond their creators’ years and a genuine concern for the society surrounding them. All three should produce some wonderfully creative presentations taking place in front of some very interested and relevant judges.

EBP Kent -  Natioanl==

June 3 - 2014
Words for Work - Castle Community College

Words for Work made its debut at the Castle Community College, launching with a meet and greet session, as Year 7 students lucky enough to take advantage of the initiative met their designated ambassadors who they will work with over the next few weeks. Words for Work will evaluate literacy and numeracy levels, with an aim of significantly improving them by the end of the project. Past initiatives have shown substantial growth in both levels as well as improving communication, creative and listening abilities of all the participants involved.

EBP Kent - Employability Day

June 2 - 2014
Work Experience Preparation - Knole Academy

With a week-long placement on the near horizon, it was critical that the Year 10 of the Knole Academy were able to take advantage of some coaching before entering into what will be a very unique and rewarding experience. Workshops dedicated to employability skills and attributes extremely useful in a work environment, ensured that the students will have a better understanding of what will be required before they embark on a vital journey into industry.

EBP Kent Business of Enterpise

May 21 - 2014
Business of Enterprise In-School Final - Dane Court Grammar School

Final number 2 of the week, in the Business of Enterprise competition, as the Dane Court Grammar School got their chance to impress judges from the local business community. Rarely do competing groups from the school disappoint and this final proved to be no exception. Entrepreneurs were in abundance as ideas ‘market ready’ wowed the panel of judges who had the tough task of choosing an overall winner. The dedication of each group to the project was obvious for all to see and was a testament to the hard work contributed by both students and business ambassadors alike. The winning team will prove to be a formidable opponent as they take on several other Kent schools at the ‘Grand Final.’ 

“Superb presentation – love the product!” Judge’s comment
“A lot of good hard work has been done.” Judge’s comment
“This product has a market. Very well done! Growth opportunity!” Judge’s comment
“Very viable business. Fantastic idea – must pursue!” Judge’s comment

EBP Business of Enterpise

May 21 - 2014
Business Surgery - The Marlowe Academy

The Marlowe Academy was able to take advantage of another business surgery as their in-school final looms ever nearer. The level and quality of output has been nothing short of phenomenal, especially for a school competing in their debut year, with detailed portfolios gradually being built and eye-catching presentations ready to impress judges. An interesting final awaits those lucky enough to witness the delivery of some very exciting and innovative ideas.

EBP Business of Enterpise - VisionXcel

May 20 & 23 - 2014

Following on from the successful launch days that took place within several primary schools, VisionXcel arrived for another week at the Priory Fields and Warden House Primary Schools, to continue the development of social action ideas that the children will present to experts from the field of volunteering and, hopefully, result in the implementation of one or two of the initiatives. All of the projects currently being worked on have shown a genuine empathy for local surroundings and the people

EBP Kent -  Natioanl==

May 19 - 2014
Words for Work

For the second year running, Cummins Power Generation has volunteered 14 ambassadors to deliver and support ‘Words for Work,’ for the benefit of St Edmund’s Catholic School and the Castle Community College. The initiative proved to be very rewarding and beneficial to a number of schools last year, helping to unlock students’ speaking and listening skills, whilst enabling them to gain an insight in to the world of work.
The project will challenge students to re-evaluate the way they use communication skills and to work alongside employers on tasks that will stimulate thought and discussion around communication and how important it might be for the future.

EBP Business of Enterpise

May 19 - 2014
Business of Enterprise In-School Final - King Ethelbert School

The Year 9 of the King Ethelbert School put on a ‘show to remember,’ with 10 innovative and extremely professional groups competing against each other to impress a judging panel made up of the local business community. Each and every group, without fail, have committed themselves wholeheartedly to the project and this was evident in the manner with which they presented an array of polished marketing material and unique ideas. Business Ambassadors who have worked with the year group over the last few months were confident in the abilities of the chosen groups, but could not have guessed that the presentations would be delivered in such a confident and engaging manner. This ‘hotly’ contested final saw lengthy deliberation by the panel of judges who were eventually able to separate a runner-up and winner from a batch of extremely capable groups.

“Answered questions really well. Fantastic Teamwork on display!” Judge’s comment
“Good pricing – very competitive!” Judge’s comment
“Market research – very extensive and very good.” Judge’s comment
“Strong presentation (confident and knowledgeable) and a great concept.” Judge’s comment

EBP Business of Enterpise

May 16 - 2014
Business Surgery - The Marlowe Academy

Week three and the juggernaut that is The Marlowe Academy’s debut year in the Business of Enterprise project continues to gather steam, with each and every group showing a considerable amount of initiative and creative thinking. Key to the success for any group competing in the project is teamwork and in this respect the current Year 9 has shown they are more than capable of working as a cohesive unit. With each member of every team working so efficiently, it promises to be a very competitive final in a month’s time.

EBP Kent Business of Enterpise

May 15 - 2014
Business of Enterprise In-School Final - Charles Dickens School

The second in-school final of the week saw another heated affair, with a plethora of highly innovative groups desperate to be crowned champions. The competing teams of the Charles Dickens School have put a lot of time and effort into this year’s project, making sure that very few stones were left unturned. The calibre of work has been notably high this year and it has been remarked, by visiting Business Ambassadors, that it has been a pleasure to work with such capable students in developing some very interesting ideas.

The assortment of judges was amazed at the eclectic mixture of creative products and services that the groups presented, ensuring that not a single team was disregarded as a potential winner. Portfolios were scrutinized to ascertain an ‘edge’ in what was an even and high calibre affair, before an eventual winner was announced, who will now go onto represent the school in the Kent final.

“I like this idea very much and think it would work.” Judge’s comment
“Good teamwork skills and leadership. Great price and very sensible.” Judge’s comment
“A product for the future no doubt.” Judge’s comment
“Excellent and well thought through.” Judge’s comment

EBP Business of Enterpise

May 14 - 2014
Business of Enterprise In-School Final - Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

After months of preparation, the big day finally arrived as the Business of Enterprise groups representing the Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School, finally got the chance to battle it out and stake a claim as the school’s overall winner. The competitive edge that has been so evident throughout the project was intensified as group after group bravely presented in front of a panel of business judges who would ultimately decide the winner. Perhaps more impressive than the professional manner in which every group held themselves, was the way in which they dealt with the panel’s questioning

Difficult questions on finance and the practicality of each group’s idea were handled with incredible care and more than satisfied the judges. An overall winner was eventually decided upon, but it was by no means an easy task as each group would have proudly and capably represented their school at the ‘Grand Final.’
“Excellent concept - I’d buy it!” Judge’s comment
“Good presentation and well researched. The presenters were confident in what they were saying.” Judge’s comment
“Look professional and speak very well.” Judge’s comment
“Very good idea, positioned well and they looked at competitors.” Judge’s comment

EBP Business of Enterpise

May 12 - 2014
Business Surgery - King Ethelbert School

The final surgery of what has been a very productive Business of Enterprise project took place, providing the Year 9 of the King Ethelbert School with one last opportunity to tweak presentations and complete business portfolios. The in-school final can often be a tense affair, but the quality currently being displayed has left Business Ambassadors in no doubt that the competing teams are more than ready.

EBP Business of Enterpise

May 7 - 2014
Business Surgery - The Marlowe Academy

It’s week two in the rookie year for The Marlowe Academy, as they continue to impress in their determination to succeed within the Business of Enterprise. Undoubtedly the groups are committed, impressing Business Ambassadors with a creative zest that is so evident in their ideas. With little time to complete the necessary paraphernalia for future judges, it will be imperative that the groups continue to display the abundance of enthusiasm and initiative that they have already imbued the project with.

EBP Business of Enterpise

May 7 - 2014
Business Surgery - Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

Another week’s worth of progress as the Year 9 of the Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School produced a bonanza of creditable business plans that were then refined with the help of their designated Business Ambassadors. With the gritty detail of portfolios and finance nearly out of the way, the groups will soon have to display their creative abilities by making their presentations stand out from the rest of the competition.

EBP Kent - Health and Safety

May 6 - 2014
Health & Safety Preparation -
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

With some fantastic work placements booked in and imminent, it made sense for the Year 10 of the Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys to be made aware of acceptable behaviour and general procedures for Health & Safety within the workplace. A seminar, as well as worksheets and a Q&A session will contribute to the students having as rewarding an experience as possible.

EBP Business of Enterpise

May 1 - 2014
Business Surgery - Charles Dickens School

The Business of Enterprise came to a close, at the Charles Dickens School, as the students were able to take advantage of one final Business Surgery with Business Ambassadors who helped put the finishing touches to presentations and business portfolios. All that remains is to present their ideas to a panel of judges who have been selected to decide on which group will represent the school at the ‘Grand Final.’ This has been an incredibly positive year for the Business of Enterprise and a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

EBP Business of Enterpise

April 30- 2014
Business Surgery - Marlowe Academy

The Marlowe Academy has dipped their toe into the competitive world of the Business of Enterprise, putting forward a highly capable body of students who will vie to represent their school at the ‘Grand Final.’ Without question, each and every student embraced the ethos of the project and began researching potential ideas that they hope will equal success and make a positive impression on future judges. So far, so good, but this is only the beginning of what will be a very creative journey indeed!

EBP Business of Enterpise

April 30 - 2014
Business Surgery - Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

A second session of Business Surgeries saw a highly competitive group of Year 9 students working at breakneck speed, along with their Business Mentors, to develop some incredibly innovative marketing strategies. Hopefully, such commitment to the project will reap rewards and garner success for the school at the Business of Enterprise ‘Grand Final.’ The year group has been wonderfully inventive with their ideas, impressing even the most seasoned of Business Mentors.

EBP Business of Enterpise

April 28 - 2014
Business Surgery - King Ethelbert School

The Business of Enterprise is now firing on all cylinders at the King Ethelbert School, as the Year 9 rapidly approach their in-school final. With just one more Business Surgery to go, it is now becoming critical that the teams have their marketing strategy and presentations firmly in place. Thankfully, this has been a particularly capable year group who, blessed with an abundance of enthusiasm, are building some fascinating portfolios.

EBP Business of Enterpise

April 24 - 2014
Business Surgery - Charles Dickens School

As the presence of the Business of Enterprise ‘Grand Final’ looms ever closer on the horizon, it has become of greater significance that competing teams refine their portfolios and presentations. The Year 9 of the Charles Dickens School are at this exact point with each group diligently researching and developing unique methods for promoting their ideas, as well as learning the presentations that they will use to astound a panel of business judges.

The project has been met with a huge amount of positivity with this current crop of students, evident in the quality of work currently being produced.

EBP Kent - Health and Safety

April 24 - 2014
Safety First! - Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

It is of fundamental importance that any Work Placement is preceded by instructions on safe handling and correct behaviour within a workplace, so it was with the utmost precision that the Year 11 of Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School were briefed before their week long experience. An interactive presentation highlighted the potential hazards to be found within a workplace and the procedures to be followed, ensuring as a safe and efficient a placement as possible.

EBP Business of Enterpise

April 3 - 2014
Business Surgery - Charles Dickens School

Week two and the Year 9 currently tackling the Business of Enterprise in the Charles Dickens School show no sign of slowing down with their inventiveness and enthusiasm for the project. Although the groups’ ideas are still in their infancy, the blueprints for where the students expect their projects to go is nothing short of thrilling and will astound the lucky panel of judges that review them.

The current crop of business mentors, charged with guiding the students through the project, have their work cut out in keeping up with the pace already set by these brilliant young entrepreneurs.

EBP Business of Enterpise

April 2 - 2014
Business Surgery - Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

After an incredibly competitive opening day, the Year 9 groups lucky enough to be selected to continue with the Business of Enterprise got the chance to meet with their allocated business mentors. This was a critical moment as there was little time for the groups to bask in the glory of having made it through to the next round, with the now tricky business of further developing their idea in readiness for their in-school final.

A strong selection of ideas backed up by an even stronger selection of groups would suggest that this will be an incredibly intense final that will produce a very strong overall winner indeed!

EBP Kent - Health and Safety

April 1 - 2014
Safety First - Mascalls School

As with EBP Kent school work placements, a pre-discussion on the importance of Health & Safety was offered to the Mascalls School before their Year 10 students begin working with their designated employers. A presentation, both interactive and informative, ensured that the students were in no doubt as to the kind of behaviour expected and practice required in order to make each student’s placement as rewarding and safe as possible.

EBP Business of Enterpise

March 31 - 2014
Business Surgery - King Ethelbert School

‘Practise, practise, practise,’ was the mantra of the day as each and every group was encouraged to begin the difficult process of pitching their ideas to a business mentor. This will help as they fast approach their in-school final, where they will perform to a panel of business judges.

Many of the groups have shown incredible initiative by completing a first draft of their final of presentations, displaying an obvious passion for the innovative ideas that they have worked so hard to develop. However, with such little time left it will be imperative that every detail is refined and perfected, before the students open up their ideas to business experts.

EBP Business of Enterpise

March 27 - 2014
Business Surgery - Charles Dickens School

Having already enjoyed a launch day for the Business of Enterprise, the Year 9 of the Charles Dickens School began the process of formulating an idea and building upon it with creative marketing and watertight finance. As with every competing school, this will be a gradual process, but one which will see even the most basic of ideas flower into something distinctly professional and worthy of the judges’ scrutiny.

This year’s batch already appear to be an innovative bunch, impressing Business Mentors with a strong set of ideas and the methods they plan to utilise in implementing them.

EBP Business of Enterpise - VisionXcel

March 25 & 27 - 2014

Social initiatives were generated within Warden House CPS and Priory Fields Primary School, as some incredibly creative young children looked at their local surroundings and the ways in which they could better support and improve them. A wealth of themes contributed to an impressive week, where students weren’t just asked to think outside the box, but to do away with it altogether! Some impressively complex ideas will, if implemented, contribute positively to the Deal/Dover areas, proving once again that some of the most innovative solutions can come from the youngest of minds.

EBP Business of Enterpise

March 19 - 2014
Business of Enterprise - Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

The Year 9 of the Chatham & Clarendon School were introduced to the Business of Enterprise, where they were tasked with the formulation of new business ideas and the methods they will employ in marketing them. The day was notable for the minimal amount of time that the students had for completion of the project, but the tight schedule seemed to have an encouraging effect as each and every pupil applied themselves with true professionalism and diligence.

Often, on days such these, certain groups will stand out from the beginning as potential winners, due to their immediate commitment and effort on the project. However, this particular day provided almost impossible choices for the visiting Business Presenters, who found that every group had attended with a huge amount of preparation already done and were notably advanced in terms of their finances and marketing.

EBP Business of Enterpise - VisionXcel

March 18, 20 & 21 - 2014

Three lucky schools were able to take advantage of the community initiative, ‘VisionXcel,’ which encourages students to look locally at their surrounding area and decide on a social problem that could be tackled and solved. With so many young minds looking at their local community, it was refreshing to see such a positive response to a project that requires a great deal of altruism and charitable thinking.

If many of these students are to be the future leaders of tomorrow, then we can rest assured that we will be directed by some very safe hands. A wealth of ideas were carefully thought about and then researched, culminating in some thought provoking presentations to local community leaders and employers. An inspiration to everyone involved, the three days offered a powerful reminder of the positivity that can be engendered by a collective of young, creative minds.

EBP Business of Enterpise

March 17, 18, 20 & 21 - 2014
Business Surgeries - Dane Court

The Business of Enterprise came to a steady close, as the Year 9 of Dane Court Grammar School had their final round of Business Surgeries, before competing in the In-School Final. Presentations were refined and finances sorted as each group excitedly prepared for what will be a unique and prestigious occasion. A particularly creative year group, there is little doubt that the final will make for an interesting and highly entertaining affair.

EBP Business of Enterpise

March 17 - 2014
Business Surgery - King Ethelbert School

The Year 9 of the King Ethelbert School edged nearer to their In-School Final as another Business Surgery arrived, offering each group the advice and guidance of experienced Business Mentors. With time ticking down, it was imperative that the students started to look at their finances and how they will, ultimately, impress the judges with their presentations.

Some innovative methods look set to be employed, providing the judges with some tough decisions in selecting an overall winner.

EBP Kent Business of Enterpise

March 14 - 2014
Cummins Power Generation Employability Skills Event -
Hereson & Ellington School

A select group of Year 7 students were able to benefit from a second day of employer engagement with Cummins Power Generation, this time visiting their site in Manston. The day presented a unique opportunity for the students to experience the workplace of a global employer, by having a lengthy and informative tour of the site, as well as tackling some unique and exciting activities guided by Cummins Power Generation staff.

Naturally, it is often a worry bringing students so young to a place of work, but significantly, their behaviour couldn’t have been more professional. With so much going on around them, it was to their credit that they responded in such a mature and respectful manner. Hopefully, the day will have contributed to the future aspirations of the students who attended and offered them a glimpse into the possibilities that such a large employer might have in the future.

EBP Kent - St Simon Stock School

March 13 - 2014
Enterprise, Energise and Revise - St Simon Stock School

The Year 8 of the St Simon Stock School tackled a day of tight schedules and large requirements, as they had the difficult task of rebranding and marketing a current retail product, bestowing it with another use. The product in question, with its unique appearance, is perfect for such a creative initiative and there is no doubting that the year group was up to the task. What made the challenge particularly hard, though, was that the students had effectively one hour to complete their work!

A series of morning workshops meant that the students understood the value of keeping good time management and the benefits of working as an efficient team. Creativity and presentation skills were also encouraged during an event that pushed the students, but also seemed to get the best out of them.

EBP Kent - White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts

March 11 - 2014
VisionXcel - White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts

VisionXcel visited another group of children who spent the day tackling community issues and looking at ways that they might contribute to their local society. As is so often the case with initiatives requiring a fresh outlook on life: the younger the minds the better the solutions.

The day was awash with creativity and a genuine respect for the positive influence such an initiative could have on their local community. Each child seemed utterly absorbed in the activities set and astounded mentors with the level of research they were prepared to commit to their respective social initiatives.

EBP Business of Enterpise

March 10 - 2014
Business Surgery - King Ethelbert School

In quick succession, another week of innovation and entrepreneurship as the Business of Enterprise gathers pace within the King Ethelbert School. Group after group began the process of marketing their idea and looking at new ways to help it seep into the public consciousness.

This is a critical stage as the success of their final presentations will be influenced by the ability of each group to advertise their product. Falling short in this respect could make things difficult when pitching to judges later on. Thankfully, all of the groups seem to have taken this on board and look set to put on one of the most competitive in-school finals in years.

EBP Kent - Skillsfest - Aylesford School

March 6 - 2014
Skillsfest - Aylesford School - Sports College

Over 40 exhibitors attended the Aylesford School-Sports College, to provide information-laden stands and the opportunity for students to interact with an eclectic mixture of industry. Flight simulators stood side-by-side with the world of construction, which in turn formed part of a hall full of businesses and training organisations. The entire school were given time to speak with a number of professionals, finding out what each one does and how it is that they do it.

The hall was awash with energy as conversations regarding future career aspirations took place and ‘stand activities’ were tackled by excited groups of students.
At the same time, 8 business mentors interviewed the entire Year 10 for what will be, for many, a first taste of such an important experience.

In many ways a confidence boosting exercise, students were able to open up about their hopes for the future and how they intend to get there. The students performed impeccably, from their attire to general demeanour: everything was dealt with in an entirely professional manner and it is testament to the general ethos that the school instils in its students from an early age.

EBP Kent - Health and Safety

March 6 - 2014
Safe Steps, Ensures Successful Work Experience -
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

With work placements imminent, it was important that the Year 10 of Maidstone Grammar School for Girls were given a few pointers towards safe practice in the workplace. A series of Health & Safety workshops will prove pivotal in ensuring the students understand the dos and don’ts of workplace behaviour and operation, and that they have as rewarding an experience as possible.

Typically, the school will be sending out an incredibly gifted selection of students who will no doubt prove to be an asset during their week long Work Experience.

EBP Kent - St Georges School

March 5 - 2014
Sixth Form Employability & Enterprise Skills Conference -
St Georges School

The Year 12 of St Georges School in Broadstairs, visited the Discovery Park to work with a selection of employers all representing a wealth of differing sectors and industry. The day was designed to highlight the transferable employability skills shared among the Public, Start-Up, Private and Voluntary sectors and also the differing expectations that each business has of their respective employees.

Workshops were laid on for the students, combining a wealth of information with interactive activities to better illustrate their point. Dressed in business attire, the students treated the day in a professional manner along with an attitude that pointed towards a genuine desire to learn from and be inspired by the employers supporting the day.

EBP Business of Enterpise - VisionXcel

March 4 - 2014
VisionXcel - Castle Community College

A second day of social action in two weeks took place, as the Castle Community Year 8 tackled some thought-provoking tasks, before pitching their ideas for social change. Many of the students, in groups, chose initiatives close to their hearts, determined to formulate an idea that would have a positive impact on their community.

Supported by local organisations, the students were able to carefully research their ideas and generate methods with which to implement them. Many of the ideas, if possible, will be launched via the school giving the students a tangible goal to strive for at the end of the project. A lot of positive work was achieved on a day when students were encouraged to think about the wider world and how they might make their mark, progressively, upon it.

EBP Kent – Literacy Day

March 3 & 7 - 2014
Inspire - The Downs CE Primary School

Two events of creative energy, as children from both The Downs C of E Primary School and Northbourne C of E Primary School, became entrepreneurs for the day, making new products and devising clever ways to market them. Business presenters were left astounded at the calibre of ideas and even more impressed by the receptivity of the children in taking on board their advice.

A cavalcade of colourful presentations took place at the end of both days, complimented by ideas that wouldn’t look out of place in a creative agency’s boardroom!

EBP Business of Enterpise - VisionXcel

February 25 - 2014
The Ellington & Hereson School - VISIONXCEL

A direct response to government’s drive for young people to become more aware of the knowledge and skills required to develop a social enterprise, VISIONXCEL made its debut at The Ellington & Hereson School, encouraging the students to formulate ideas that would support the local community through volunteering experiences. The Year 8 of the school were tasked with developing action plans, during an introductory day that combined interactive workshops with detailed presentations on how these ‘spirited’ young people might further enhance their altruistic ideas.

The numerous ideas will be worked on over the coming months by their respective groups, with a chosen few having the opportunity to pitch their initiatives to a judging panel at a VISIONXCEL final, along with other participating schools. VISIONXCEL will be tackled by both primary and secondary schools with all ages being encouraged to enhance their own employability and life skills. A fantastic opportunity for students to engage in and one that will hopefully have a longer-term impact on community spirit for the local area.

EBP Business of Enterpise

February 24 - 27 - 2014
Dane Court Grammar School - Business Surgeries

The Business of Enterprise continues to gather pace at the Dane Court Grammar School, with another week of Business Surgeries encouraging students to grow and research their ideas along with some guiding help from local business mentors. The in-school final is now becoming a very real prospect for many of these students, as they face the difficulties of time management and adhering to a very tight schedule.

Remarkably, very few seem to be struggling with this and it is a testament to the school that they continue to produce a natural pool of budding entrepreneurs.  This event is the opportunity for all young people to build their competencies that is the ability to use and apply their knowledge and skills effectively to complete any challenge – ideal for the workplace, ideal for life!

EBP Business of Enterpise

February 13 - 2014
Charles Dickens School - Employability Skills Day & Business of Enterprise

For the second year running, the Charles Dickens School played host to a variety of hosts and business volunteers as they engaged the entire school in a variety of workshops and differently themed events. A large number of participants offered their time for the day, dwarfed only by the huge number of students who tackled the challenges many of the volunteers set. A large scale fair, played host to over 30 exhibitors, who offered information heavy stands and interactive table top activities to the entire student body. With so many people providing and receiving knowledge, it is little wonder that the atmosphere was one of high energy and excitement.

Years 7 and 8 were able to participate in 10 workshops, linked to a variety of sectors that would provide a glimpse into the kind of work involved and offer up some kind of interactive challenge to better illustrate it. Year 10, with Work Experience on the near horizon, were offered advice relating to Health & Safety and workplace behaviour as well as a presentation on Information and Careers Guidance. The Sixth Form were led, in the afternoon, through a session linked to future career and education choices, with the majority being interviewed on their future aspirations and then being given advice on how to get there.

Finally, the Year 9 took part in this year’s Business of Enterprise, where they were introduced to the general concept behind the competition. Traditional workshops encouraged the students to form teams and, of even greater significance, come up with brand new business ideas which they will present back to a panel of judges at the end of the project. Some incredible ideas were produced and the signs are that the school will have a very positive and fruitful experience in this year’s project.

EBP Kent - Science

February 12, 13, & 14 - 2014
Northfleet Technology College - Future Careers

Transferable employability skills continue to increase in importance, as education recognises the benefits of giving their students as much an advantage as possible before they finally leave the classroom. With that said, over the course of three mornings, Northfleet Technology College encouraged their students to participate in a series of workshops all aimed at the improvement or bolstering of general employment techniques.

CV Writing, Teamwork seminars and Interview Hints and Tips, were just three of a large quota of workshops that combined interactive presentations with problem-solving tasks and challenges. Workshop leaders and business presenters were met by a highly gifted group of students, who seemed motivated by the opportunity to better improve their chances of future employment.

EBP Kent – Literacy Day

February 11 - 2014
Sandwich Juniors - Cultural Diversity

In a week where so many events played out for the benefit of Kent’s secondary schools, it was nice a Cultural Diversity day could inspire some of the county’s younger residents. Embracing a multicultural ethos, the programme encourages the students to see the world as possessing great opportunity, expanding their horizons at an early age and increasing their options when it comes to future employment

This particular day rarely fails to engage and once again proved incredibly successful with its receptive audience of young, hungry minds.

Work Related Learning - 'Make it Work' - Contact us for more info

February 10 - 2014
Make it Work - Dane Court Grammar School

For the first time in the school’s history, Make it Work arrived to set the Year 12 a wealth of industry-led challenges and provide them with some key tips regarding future employability and the skills necessary to perform in a normal working environment. Six industries, ranging from the Public Sector, right the way through to Civil Engineering, took the time out of their busy schedules to mentor and inform the Year 12 as they researched and prepared presentations for their respective challenges.

This particular day has often been set over the course of two days, so the fact the students only had a day to tackle their set of tasks, made for a tense affair, where students had to effectively manage their time in order to be prepared for presentations at the end of the day. It is critical when asking volunteers to get involved with these events, that they go away feeling like it was all worth it, so the exemplary behaviour of the students and the professional way in which they went about their work meant that everyone involved went home with a real sense of satisfaction, that not only had some incredible results been produced, but that they had worked with some genuine future leaders and some highly innovative pioneers.

EBP Kent -  Natioanl==

February 7 - 2014
Words for Work - Dover Christ Church Academy

Week three and the students edge ever nearer to the completion of the Words for Work initiative, where they will present back to their ambassadors all that they have learnt and gained over the course of the four week programme. So far, it has proven to be an incredibly rewarding experience as the volunteers who have visited the school get a genuine sense of making a difference and students continue to enhance and improve their communication skills.

All participants excitedly await the final day where the hugely powerful ability for Words for Work to engage and inspire will be on full view for those lucky enough to see the final presentations.

Work Related Learning - 'School Skillfest' - Contact us for more info

February 5 - 2014
St Simon Stock Skillsfest

Over 30 companies supported the St Simon Stock School’s annual Skillsfest, as the entire student body were able to once again enjoy an information-laden fair, showcasing a wealth of exhibitors and industries. The event, now in its fifth year, continues to go from strength to strength, as more and more exhibitors realise the benefits of encouraging the ‘next generation.’ With something, quite literally, for everyone, the day proved to be an event of high engagement and exciting interaction. From construction to civil engineering, law to agriculture, the Skillsfest became a hive of energy as students tackled interactive stands and conversed with industry experts.

It was notable just how many students entered the exhibition hall uncertain, but left ‘sure’ of several future careers they might like to enter into and the pathways to obtaining them. A huge thank you to St Simon Stock, whose hospitality was exemplary as always: another sure sign of the altruism of the exhibitors in attendance and the appreciation with which they are received by the schools who host them.

EBP Business of Enterpise

February 4, 6 & 7- 2014
Business Surgeries - Dane Court Grammar School

With the Business of Enterprise competition now well underway at the Dane Court Grammar School, it was time for the students to receive help from a variety of business ambassadors with a wealth of experience and knowledge, to help the school’s budding entrepreneurs. The school has consistently performed well, over the years, in the competition and so it was no surprise to see a cavalcade of innovative ideas and colourful marketing campaigns already established and ready for the scrutiny of the knowledgeable mentors.

The school promises a strong showing again this year, as each group looks determined to win their own in-school competition and head to the prestigious Grand Final where they will battle it out with several other Kent school teams.

EBP Kent - Science

February 3 - 2014
Young STEM - Northbourne CEPS

The world of STEM was brought to life for one lucky primary school as Northbourne CEPS played host to another inspiring initiative. With the future of the nation’s economy to be heavily influenced by a healthy quota of future STEM specialists, it was fitting that this event targeted young minds, so that the future seeds of aspirations could be sown as early as possible. It is testament to the students and the programme itself that the students engaged so keenly with the activities set and evaluated the event in such a positive light.

Congratulations to all involved.

EBP Kent -  Natioanl==

January 31 - 2014
Words for Work - Dover Christ Church Academy

The Words for Work programme reached its second week, which saw a keen selection of ambassadors meeting their designated students for the first time, who they will be working with over the course of the initiative.

It cannot be underestimated the time and effort that these volunteers will be giving over to the programme, but all of them are dedicated and committed to improving the communication of some very deserving young people. The programme will now begin to gather pace, as the students and their mentors collaborate on a series of tasks and prepare for a final presentation at the end of the course.

Work Related Learning - 'Lip Product' - Contact us for more info

January 28 - 2014
Make-Up Marketing & Sixth Form Employability Day - Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls hosted their yearly focus day, providing an enterprising branding challenge for their Year 10 and a series of employability workshops for their Year 12. It is incredible to think that a year group still so young could produce branding material so professional looking and it is a testament to the school that from year to year the calibre of work is so high! A panel of business judges struggled to filter an overall winner from the plethora of eye-catching marketing campaigns, but a lucky group was eventually decided upon as worthy of beating such an intense grouping of competition.

The Year 12 was occupied for the day with a range of tasks and presentations that would help support their gradual journey into Higher Education and employment. This is a critical time of year for many of the students as they make key decisions on future aspirations and also how it is they envisage getting there. The process of interviewing and entering into new organisations can be incredibly daunting so it is vital that they are given as much support as possible.

There is little fear, however, for this particular body of students who displayed abilities that instantly marked them as imminently employable. This particular event is increasingly becoming a mainstay of the EBP calendar and one that is consistently a pleasure to be a part and supporter of.

EBP Kent – Literacy Day

January 27 & 28 - 2014
Creative Inspiration

Two more primary schools were able to take advantage of some of the fantastic initiatives currently available to them, with Inspire and Cultural Diversity days which were booked to support each school’s curriculum objectives.

Both projects embrace the multicultural benefits of a more connected world and both encourage children to independently work and conduct research that helps them to better understand some of the points being put across. As is so often the case, the work produced was both thought-provoking and insightful, pointing towards the positive impact such initiatives can have on the young people of Kent.

EBP Kent -  Natioanl==

January 24 - 2014
Words for Work - Dover Christ Church Academy

The building blocks for success in any future career will surely be founded on solid levels of literacy and numeracy skills. That said, the Words for Work programme, successfully piloted in Margate last year, is once again being utilised by a host of new Kent schools who all value the impact the initiative can have on their student’s speaking and listening skills and, of greater significance, their own personal confidence.

The Dover Christ Church Academy are the first to play host to a selection of lucky and willing students, who will work with business ambassadors over the coming weeks on a series of tasks that will stimulate thought and discussion around communication, and how important it might be for their future.

Responding to the concerns of industry regarding the communication skills of young people entering the workplace, the programme encourages businesses to take part in order to have a positive impact on the learning outcomes of the many students who participate.

EBP Kent – Interviewing for future success

January 22 - 2014
Interview Day - Hartsdown Technology College

For the second year running, the Year 11 of Hartsdown Technology College volunteered for what would be their first taste of an interview setting. Eight business volunteers gave up their time to assist with what is increasingly being viewed as a worthwhile initiative, as they played the role of interviewer asking a series of thought provoking questions and providing positive feedback at the end.

The students were encouraged to treat the interview as the ‘real thing’ and they more than achieved this by being wonderfully attired and behaving as if they had been having interviews all their lives. ‘Imminently employable’ was the term consistently used as one by one the students left the interviewers astounded at the level of maturity with which they handled the whole situation.

What is of even more significance, is the notable ‘bounce’ in the step of each student as they left their interview having just received feedback, which was consistently both constructive and positive. It is now hoped that each student will feel a certain level of confidence when faced with, what can be, a very daunting experience indeed. There is no doubt that the year group possesses a collection of very talented individuals, who are all on the right track for future career success.

EBP Kent – Inspire Day

January 21, 22 & 23 - 2014
Inspiring Days for Innovative Young Minds

In three days, four different primary schools played host to a selection of inspiring days, all of which encouraged them to think about future career and life aspirations. Also, of great significance, the events asked the children to tackle a series of creative challenges that would better prepare them for the kind of transferable skills that might be required to achieve later success. The typically successful STEM Days managed to bring high-end science into sharp relevance for the children by encouraging them to tackle a series of experiments and evaluate the impact their results might have on normal, everyday life.

A Cultural Diversity Day analysed the world in a more charitable fashion, by looking at some of the social initiatives currently contributing to the betterment of numerous human lives and asked the children to develop some of their own programmes that might add to the already considerable raft of altruistic endeavours.

Work Related Learning - 'Smoothie Challenge' - Contact us for more info

January 13 - 2014
The Sweet Taste of Success - Herne Bay High School

Herne Bay High School enjoyed their yearly ‘dose’ of colourful marketing and branding activities as they once again tasked their Year 9 with the creation of a brand new beverage company. The year group was split into two sections: one completing the task in the morning, the other in the afternoon.

This made for an incredibly tight deadline that meant the students had to work at double the pace to complete a project that can normally take a whole day! It is testament to the school that each group completed the challenge admirably, producing a host of wildly different businesses with their own unique ethos and product range.

It is one of the more negative aspects of being a business ambassador that selecting an overall winner from a pool so competitive can be a thankless and extremely difficult task, though it does point to the high calibre of work that was on display, in what was a hugely successful day.

EBP Business of Enterpise

January 10 - 2014
Business of Enterprise Masterclass Day - Dane Court Grammar School

The New Year brought with it a brand new season of the Business of Enterprise competition, as the latest crop of Kent’s Year 9 and 10 students battle it out to be crowned champions. Dane Court Grammar School was the first port of call for the competition, with their students typically engaged and highly motivated to produce another batch of innovative ideas. Before they could sink their teeth into the detail of the competition, however, it was important to give context and an introduction to what the project will entail.

The students were tasked with the completion of a series of workshops, all designed to bolster and improve some of the key skills they will need to succeed in the project. Teamwork, Creativity, Marketing and Finance were all on offer to ensure that each group were privy to as much information as possible in order to maximise future success. Incredibly, not a single group failed in their designated tasks and it would appear that the school will once again compete for the honours at the end of the year.

EBP Kent – Constructing Success

December 10 - 2013
East Kent Skills & The Big Bang Event

More than 1,200 students from Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 descended upon Discovery Park for a STEM day. Over 260 employees were involved, positively showcasing their line of work, showing extraordinary experiments with so many different experiences.

Please click on this link for more information

“Today was a good day where there was a large variation of stands and activities. I got loads of information about different ways you can use science and how it helps in everyday activities. I learned a lot of information about how to get my future jobs and what jobs were suited to me. Overall it was a productive day.” Student comment.

“I really enjoyed today. It was informative and I learnt a lot about careers. I was able to ask questions and received lots of advice of what GCSE’s I should take.” Student comment.

“I never knew how many careers you could have. Many different experiments to try and good resources. I liked that there were lots of interesting people to talk to. They gave me lots of interesting information.” Student comment

Work Related Learning - 'Smoothie Challenge' - Contact us for more info

December 10 - 2013
Smoothie Day - Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

Healthy living was the key focus for the year 8's at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, with an exciting, 'hands on' day dedicated to Smoothie making and marketing.

Students came together in groups after a very busy but engaging morning to present their new companies and provide the judges with some flavoursome samples and inspiring design work.

EBP Kent - Health and Safety

December 3 - 2013
Stixx Challenge - Cornwallis Academy

280 year 9 students came together to design inspiring and innovative new structures that could be sold in a leading retail outlet.

Using recycled newspaper to form rods, with the aid of Stixx machines, the young people showed great innovation and dexterity to produce some prodigious masterpieces.

EBP Kent - Science

November 29 - 2013
Work Experience Application Day - Ellington & Hereson School

The years 10 and 11 at Ellington & Hereson School spent the afternoon discussing and deliberating their Work Experience options.

The students were extremely enthusiastic and mature in their approach, giving Thanet employers great optimism in supporting this immensely worthwhile programme.

EBP Kent – Constructing Success

November 21 - 2013
Astor College for the Arts - Constructing Success

Construction students from Years 10 and 11 at the Astor College for the Arts were selected to tackle a specially formulated day in partnership with Denne Construction that would test both engineering and entrepreneurial skills using the manufacturing properties of the Stixx machines.

The day blended the necessary employability skills of communication, teamwork and presenting, along with the subject knowledge gained from being construction students. Students developed a better understanding of the roles allocated on a generic construction site and the ways in which they operate together.

Efficiency was the key to success as the students adhered to a tight deadline, consisting of creating a stable and aesthetic bridge, as well as preparing a presentation to be pitched to a panel of judges at the end of the day.

EBP Kent – Horizons

November 19 - 2013
Horizons - Ursuline College

For the fourth year ‘Horizons’ visited the Ursuline College, supported more than ever by industry and, as a consequence, greatly improved. With so much going on, it was a credit to the year groups who attended that the behaviour was never anything less than professional, astounding the employers participating and proving a major testament to the principles held by the school itself.

Whether manoeuvring around an information heavy skills fair with over 30 exhibitors or engaging in hands-on workshops, the students managed to achieve some incredible outcomes and gained a lot from a day that will be influential on any current career aspirations.

An afternoon session spent ‘interviewing’ employers, researching prospective careers and dealing with an entrepreneurial challenge meant that the tempo of the day never changed and the focus never altered. A huge thank you to the 50 employers who supported the day and to the students and school for applying themselves so diligently to the tasks set over the course of the day.

EBP Kent – Primary Initiatives

November 18 - 22 - 2013
Primary Initiatives

Another week, another batch of programmes aimed at enriching the future aspirations of Kent’s young people, as a round of Cultural Diversity, Literacy, Inspire and STEM days saw children engaged in interactive activities and thought provoking workshops. Once again, the level of engagement was high, as workshops and presentations sought to encourage the kind of thought processes that will get each and every child thinking about what it is they might like to do in the future, sooner rather than later.

Each student was also afforded their first experience of an interview, by an industry professional, where they received advice and guidance regarding the kind of career path that they may wish to travel down in the near future.

EBP Kent – Sixth Form Employability & Skills Conference

November 14 - 2013
Sixth Form Employability & Skills Conference - Canterbury

For the second year in a row, the Year 12 of Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar was tasked with the completion of a series of sector driven workshops at a business conference in Canterbury, Kent. Companies from the Private, Public, Start-Up and Voluntary sectors were all on hand to introduce specific challenges that pertained to their varying stages of development and expertise.

Within the surroundings of a professional setting, students were tasked with genuine industry problems and asked to find new and original solutions.

The standard of originality was incredibly high and elements of the work produced will be taken on by the employers to help with various campaigns in order to improve productivity and for general business planning. Although many of the students will have already selected the next steps in their educative lives, such an experience will still prove pivotal in raising expectations for what awaits when they finally enter into the world of work.

Huge congratulations to all of the students who showed such incredible aptitude and innovation on the day, and to the employers who gave up their invaluable time to encourage and coach the next generation of the UK’s workforce.

EBP Kent – Literacy Day

November 13 & 15 - 2013
Literacy Days

The juggernaut that is the Literacy Day, an initiative currently being projected across Kent, visited two more schools, where some incredibly gifted students provided a wealth of creative minds. With literacy and numeracy becoming a primary focus for education in general, it is fitting these initiatives target students as young as possible.

By embedding key principles and encouraging the attainment of necessary literacy levels, the Literacy Days will help to ensure these young people become far more employable as well as well-rounded individuals when they finally leave their education surroundings.

EBP Kent – Inspire Day

November 11 12 & 13 - 2013
Inspire Days

Three schools took part in the ever expanding ‘Inspire Days’ that test students’ abilities to think on their feet and, more importantly, come up with an exciting new initiative that might benefit their school or, on a grander scale, society in general.

The event is significant for giving some very young minds a real-world perspective that can contribute to their future aspirations. By learning about some key principles from the business world, students will develop the thought processes that ensure career and subject choices are considered sooner rather than later.

EBP Kent – Literacy Day

October 22 & 23 - 2013
Literacy Day - Aylesham CPS & Langdon CPS

Literacy has never been more fiercely debated as countrywide levels have had a substantial impact on employment opportunities. What is in general agreement, however, is that literacy initiatives, as early as possible, will better improve chances of future employment.

With that said, the children at Aylesham CPS  and Langdon CPS applied themselves to a day of creative writing in conjunction with News for Schools, that would test fundamental employability skills such as communication, research and teamwork, as well as the creative aspect of ‘thinking outside the box.’

Some truly wonderful pieces of work were generated by, typically, energetic young minds. It was a refreshing upshot to see so much fun being had during an event that was attempting to achieve such significant outcomes.

EBP Kent – Inspire Day

October 21 - 2013
Inspire Day - Sandown Primary School

Students from the Sandown Primary School displayed an entrepreneurial spirit that belied their early years, as they tackled ‘Inspire’ with extreme gusto and determination. Incredibly, not one of the children failed to achieve their set goals and the ability to work as a cohesive team ensured that some incredible results were obtained. Within their teams, students had to decide on a new product, how much it might cost to produce and communicate with a material laden ‘shop’ to stock up on equipment.

Everything was handled in an extremely professional manner, leading to a conveyor belt of inspiring and very detailed presentations. This was a proud day for everyone involved and confirmed the belief that events such as these, targeted as early as possible, can have a positive impact on the future aspirations of the children participating.

EBP Kent - Employability Day

Forging Sucess

October 16 - 2013
Future Success: A Work Experience Story - Cornwallis Academy

Work Experience continues to be a priority for school’s at this time of year, as thousands of students make a decision on the pathways they might like to pursue in the near future. Cornwallis Academy afforded their Year 10 students the opportunity to go through the selection process, as they opted for a variety of placements, each one a genuine possibility as a future career aspiration.

This is an exciting time for so many young people, ably demonstrated by the energetic way in which the students applied themselves to the task at hand. 

Information Advice and Guidance

Over 30 students a day are now taking advantage of EBP Kent’s new IAG service, which offers a wealth of aspirational advice for students beginning to think about future career pathways and the directions they might take in achieving them. With a dedicated IAG team in place, EBP Kent is now able to offer a unique experience, interviewing students on a one-to-one basis and determining a fixed course of action based on current subject choices and future aspirations.

This service is a perfect match to the EBP’s years of extensive work done with Employers in Kent – it is critical that the advisors are well versed with the latest information and opportunities available from Local, Regional and National Employers. CEIAG is the airbag to effective IAG’

EBP Kent – Interviewing for future success

October 11 - 2013
Work Experience Preparation Day -
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys  

The Year 10 at Wilmington Grammar School for Boys began the online selection process for their exciting week of Work Experience, taking place next summer.

Students discussed and selected their Work Experience options in such a mature and intelligent way that employers located in West Kent and London will be pleased to welcome them into their businesses. This will prove pivotal in guiding the students towards their future career pathways.

EBP Kent - West Kent Skillsfest

October 9 - 2013
West Kent Skillsfest

Over 1400 students and 70 employers spent a very rewarding day at the River Centre in Tonbridge, sharing in-depth knowledge of a range of industries, from Logistics to Healthcare and Robotics to Agriculture. This was the fifth year for the Skillsfest and it is remarkable to see how impressively employers continue to raise their game. Two giant exhibition areas were awash with activity as the worlds of these exciting industries came to life, via high-tech equipment and a wealth of information.

Employers were extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and vigour shown by the students, who equally appreciated the time shown by our dedicated employer network. Such positive partnership is a significant reason for the continued growth of the event and incredible altruism displayed by all parties involved.
The West Kent Skillsfest demonstrated that the next generation of the UK’s work force are eager to learn and develop their skills. With so many employers leading the way, it can only point to an extremely bright future for the students who attended and an assurance that Kent will continue to produce some very gifted industry leaders.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would like to go again,” student comment.
“The whole event was very interesting and I found out things that I did not know about which I can now pass onto students,” teacher comment

“We had a great day, we were asked some really interesting questions about the company and what we do. We would definitely be interested in taking part in more of these types of events,” employer quote.

EBP Kent - Employability Day

October 2 - 2013
Future Work Excellence - St George’s School

There can be no better way to positively determine a young person’s future career aspirations than by allowing them to partake in Work Experience. To view the working world first hand can be incredibly beneficial and will undoubtedly better prepare the student as they transition from education to employment. That said it is important that the students are given as much choice as possible prior to selecting their placement, so that they are at least aware of the opportunities currently out there.

The Year 10 of St George’s School was able to do exactly that, when they were given the chance to select a list of preferred destinations. Employers can rest easy that the decisions were not taken lightly and every student displayed a conscientious desire to make the right choice. Dedicated to the end, there will be some incredibly industrious students making their way to Thanet employers in the near future.

EBP Kent – Interviewing for future success

September 30 - 2013
Work Experience Preparation - The North School

Another week, another batch of plucky Year 10 students, excitedly awaiting a first foray into Work Experience. Of paramount importance is their safety, and that they appreciate and respect the expectations that employers will have for them in the workplace. With so many placements confirmed, it made sense to gather the students in one area to go through a few key points and it was hugely positive to see so many young people taking their impending placements so seriously.

EBP Kent - Catering experience

September 27 - 2013
Employer Engagement Day - The Ellington and Hereson School

A day of employer engagement was enjoyed Year 7 students from The Ellington and Hereson School, within the plush surroundings of The Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent. Cummins Power Generation continued their incredible record of supporting education by providing over 20 ambassadors who worked with the students on an exciting and innovative task.

Prior to the activity the students were encouraged to look towards the future and appreciate some of the universal principles expected by all employers, with a couple of workshops linked to communication and teamwork. Incredibly, despite their young age, the students impressed everyone with a professional attitude that showed a genuine willingness to learn.

The event was significant for the incredible amount of positivity that pervaded the day and once again displays the power of partnership between education and industry.

EBP Kent - Interview Day

September 26 - 2013
Teentech An inspirational day!

EBP Kent hosted ‘Teentech’ at the River Centre for the third time in as many years, engaging 30 schools with over 180 engineers and scientists from an eclectic mixture of STEM based industries.

Some of the country’s leading specialists gathered together, with 300 students, in a day of awe inspiring activities, ranging from Robotics to Microbiology, App creation to Electrical Engineering and witnessing brand new, innovative creations from the likes of Samsung, Microsoft and the Royal Navy.

This year was notable for the increase in participation by some magnificent Kent companies, who contributed to a general raising of the bar with some awe-inspiring exhibitions that quite simply took everyone’s breath away.
Once again, exhibitors, teachers and students, all benefited greatly from this highly innovative day and many will be inspired to pursue careers within the exciting world of STEM.

EBP Kent - Science

September 23 - 2013
Interview Day - St Simon Stock

The year 12 of St Simon Stock School displayed a maturity beyond their years, as they engaged in a series of workshops that offered priceless guidance towards, what can be the nerve-wracking experience of an interview. CV’s, teamwork activities, presentation skills, communication workshops and interview techniques were all content-laden sessions that the students applied themselves to with energetic gusto.

A host of business ambassadors, from the financial sector through to law, offered their invaluable time in order to prepare a new generation for what will be expected as they transition from school to industry. No doubt the majority of the year group will achieve exceptional grades, but a day like this will ensure that they have that little bit extra during the rigours of an interview process.

EBP Kent - Science

September 20 - 2013
Future Aspirations - Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

Years 10 AND 11 spent the day with EBP Kent discussing and completing their Work Experience applications, which in turn helped them to decide on the industry they would most like to complete their 5 days with, in July.

Students already had great ideas of where they would like to go, in order to gain and develop their knowledge, aiding progression to University and beyond.

Employers of West Kent are always keen to support enthusiastic pupils from Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, who showed great maturity and confidence.

EBP Kent - Employability Day

September 17 - 2013
Application/Aspiration/Attainment - Dover Grammar School for Boys

EBP Kent visited 116 year 10 students at Dover Grammar School for Boys in order to offer advice and guidance as they went through the process of selecting their potential work placements.

The boys showed great enthusiasm and initiative, a clear indication that they will be a huge asset to the many employers who will be supporting their Work Experience.

EBP Kent - Catering experience

September 16 - 2013
Preparation now; Golden Future Later! Marlowe Academy

Marlowe Academy students leapt into the process of applying for their Work Experience placements, excited at the possibilities afforded them by such an incredibly unique experience.

Employers of Thanet will be welcoming them, in July, for 5 days and can rest assured that the preparation students undertake now will ensure they will receive some very professional students in the future. This will allow them to grow and develop, contributing significantly to their career aspirations.

EBP Kent – Interviewing for future success

September 16 - 2013
Work Preparation - Hartsdown Academy

The year 10 of Hartsdown Academy spent the morning selecting Work Experience placements, choosing from a wealth of employers, who are once again showing great generosity in supporting the young people of Kent.

Hartsdown students are working towards various qualifications, such as Diplomas in Society, Health & Development and Health & Social Care; this will eventually lead to them pursuing very rewarding and worthwhile careers.

EBP Kent - Health and Safety

September 12 - 2013
Health & Safety Day at Laleham Gap School

Students at Laleham Gap School welcomed EBP Kent for a session on Health & Safety, prior to their exciting week of Work Experience at the end of September.

The Year 11 were given the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss any queries that they had relating to their particular placement, ensuring that they are ready to embark on a rewarding and worthwhile week ahead. These students have so much to bring to the workplace, top of the list their work ethic.

EBP Kent - Catering experience

September 11 - 2013
Work Experience Preparation Day
at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

Year 11 students at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls were visited by EBP Kent, for a day devoted to Work Experience. Online applications were completed and the students researched and decided upon their choices for their Work Experience week in July 2014.

The students worked diligently and enjoyed discussing their choices amongst themselves. Employers of Kent will look forward to welcoming an extremely capable body of students into their businesses. The opportunity for quality IAG and CEIAG is a core part of the best Work Experience programmes in Kent.

EBP Kent – Interviewing for future success

September 11 - 2013
Ursuline College - Work Experience Assembly

The start of the new academic year saw EBP Kent hold an assembly for 120 year 10 students at Ursuline College, with the students thinking about their Work Experience options.

Students were advised on the application process and asked to think about work placements and travel areas for March 2014. This is when they will complete 5 days in a work place, which will help towards their future career aspirations. Following some very interesting feedback from Kent Employers this year, there are clear messages about their expectations and wishes.

EBP Kent - EBP Kent

September 6 - 2013
Exciting times ahead

After 6 weeks EBP Kent are now settled in at the Discovery Park, Sandwich; Europe’s leading Science and Technology Park.

It will provide an opportunity to work alongside a diverse range of international and local businesses all specialising in the fields of Life Sciences, Technology, Manufacturing and Business & Enterprise. The business park is notable for an environment where over 900 people from a variety of businesses can share, engage and develop ideas.

This was experienced for the first time on Wednesday when the team attended a ‘Tenants Association Meeting,’ which proved to be an amazing opportunity for networking and provided an opportunity to engage with neighbouring businesses.

A new and exciting year lies ahead, where EBP Kent will continue to grow and develop, inspiring students in all aspects of their education.

EBP Kent - EBP Kent

September 2 - 2013
EBP Kent - Welcome!

A new academic year has arrived, promising a wealth of excitement and opportunity. EBP Kent has increased its formidable portfolio of innovation, guidance and employer-led initiatives, by preparing new activities and arranging a profusion of ‘aspiration’ emboldening career days.

Industry and education will once again merge to ensure that students across the county are prepared and ready to enter into the world of work, while established programmes such as ‘The Business of Enterprise’ will continue to test the creative abilities and competitiveness of Kent’s young entrepreneurs. Hot News is proud to offer a weekly account of everything EBP Kent related, during what promises to be a very significant year ahead.

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