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July 29 - 2011
EBP Now on Twitter!

Fantastic news – EBP Kent has joined the social phenomenon Twitter! Everyday, millions of people use Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. EBP Kent will now be able to share (along with this website!) the journey that a new academic year can bring, along with various other musings relating to education and, sometimes, the world in general.

Come follow us at: twitter.com/EBPKent

EBP Kent - Team Building

July 20 - 2011
Skinners’ School – Team Building Day

The ability to work within a cohesive and an efficient team, is becoming evermore important to employers seeking future staff to complement their workforce. For this very reason, the Year 10 of Skinners’ School in Royal Tunbridge Wells, embarked upon a series of workshops with the theme of ‘teamwork’ at their core. The RAF, Engineering, Creativity were some of the activities on offer, as students learnt quite literally, there is no ‘I’ in Team!

EBP Kent - Business of Enterprise School Final

July 18 - 2011
King Ethelbert School – Business of Enterprise School Final

The Year 9 of King Ethelbert School enjoyed a hugely successful Business of Enterprise final, to decide who will be attending next year’s grand final. Innovation was the order of the day as youthful companies pitched brand new ideas and business plans to a panel of expert judges. With a strong group of winners chosen at the end of some heated debate amongst the experts, King Ethelbert School can look confidently ahead to next year’s B of E grand final.

EBP Kent - Crime Scene Investigation

July 15 - 2011
Crime Scene Investigation

Gravesend Grammar tackled the challenge of forensics with all skills put to the test. Teamwork, problem solving and an eye for the detail helped students to successfully work through the challenge.

EBP Kent - Business of Enterprise

EBP Kent - Andrew Buxton

July 14 - 2011
Business of Enterprise

A meeting of all the participating schools looked at the developments and restructure of the Business of Enterprise ready for the 2011/12 teams. All the schools were delighted with the extended offer by employers to support each team through their experiences.

Discussions were supportive and creative structuring the programme to match with changing times for schools and to embrace the exciting new offers from partner employers.

This long running enterprise programme has so much success to celebrate and an equally inspiring future to plan.

EBP Kent - Pathology Lab

July 11, 12, 13 - 2011
Make It Work – Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls

To fully understand the opportunities and the range of skills required by any career requires a depth of experience that cannot always be possible during a traditional work experience placement for students under the age of sixteen. At Simon Langton School for Girls the employers came to the school and set a three day challenge for students.

Law, Medicine, Science, Creative Arts, Finance, Journalism and Campaign work were taken to great depth resulting in comments such as ‘I really enjoyed it, it has made me realize what I want to do, it was inspiring’ ‘This has been so enjoyable and really opened my eyes to new opportunities in science.’ ‘I got such a good insight into this career’, I was not expecting to enjoy this at all but it was really fun and I loved having a huge project to work on because it felt like I had achieved something’.

The employers were so impressed by the skills and standard of work achieved by so many of the teams. The courtroom scene, the pathology results, the campaign recommendations for the NHS all resulted in outstanding presentations enjoyed by the different groups of employers.

The three days also included an interview for each student with feedback and some specialist coaching to support the challenges they faced including workshops such as ‘Effective Research’ led by employers. There were also several key note speakers explaining the career opportunities in their field.

A quote from the school co-ordinator Andrea Schieber;
I know the girls have gained a tremendous amount from their experiences during Make it Work and will have acquired and developed many employability skills along the way.

EBP Kent - Going for Gold

July 8 - 2011
Going for Gold 2012

A new programme of Experience of Work is available in 2012 – students will be able to sign up for one week of Law, Medicine, Construction and Engineering.

Each week will include working with professionals, visits, progression information from employers, seminars, practical experience. Employers will share their expertise to enable students to maximize this highly innovative opportunity that circumvents issues of access to these sectors via the traditional Work Experience route.

Students will apply, be short listed and interviewed for a place on ‘Going for Gold’ during the Autumn terms. Details available for all partner schools from September 7th 2010

EBP Kent - IT techniques

July 7 - 2011
IT techniques for inspired learning

Teachers from across Kent came together to learn how to use the latest IT techniques for inspired learning. In partnership with the BCS, and the Kent Science Park EBP Kent has facilitated the course. Take a dry subject, challenge the learners to create blogs, animations to showcase the concepts and enjoy the inspired learning that takes place. Today was an opportunity to learn the A – Z with the professionals!

One attendee from north kent said ‘ The was brilliant, so interesting and will be able to use this with the students all the time’.

EBP Kent - Canary Wharf

July 4 - 2011
The final of the Business of Enterprise -
Barclays Building Canary Wharf

Students were inspired by the wonderful setting for the final and they delivered far beyond any expectations. It was a great honour that the last Chairman of Barclays was one of the esteemed Judges. Andrew Buxton spoke to the young people about the future of the economy and how heartened he felt by hearing the inspiring ideas and detailed work of the enterprising young people.

"I had no idea what to expect from today but I am astounded by the ideas and hard work that have gone into each and every presentation."

The audience made up of Headteachers and employers were thrilled by the extraordinary standard achieved by students. The quality of presentations, the variety of ideas, the wonderful location, and the exceptional judges all contributed to making the final an extraordinary occasion.

The Enterprise of the Year went to ‘Safelet’,
The best written portfolio to ‘Sunshine wipes’
The best Oral presentation to ‘Camfan’
The Most Enterprising Idea to ‘Total’
The Best Teamwork to ‘A Wolf’s Tale’
Winning schools included Chatham and Clarendon Federation, Borden Grammar School Hartsdown Technology College & Dane Court

Coming up on this site is a ‘Host of Brilliance’ showing the last nine years of the top ideas from the project. It is fascinating to see that some of the early ideas are now familiar products on the market. Share with us and celebrate years of youth creativity and read about the impact of the ‘Business of Enterprise’ on university and working life.

EBP Kent - K College

June 30 - 2011
K College – Folkestone Construction

20 K College students were set a Construction Challenge by Denne Construction at The Grand Hotel in Folkestone. This was an invaluable experience for so many students on the cusp of their future construction careers.

The tools for future success and the hands-on guidance of Denne Construction ensured a hugely successful day that challenged the K College students on many levels.

EBP Kent - Tools of the trade

June 29 - 2011
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys – Work Experience Preparation Day

Another Work Experience Preparation Day took place at the Wilmington Grammar School for Boys, as Year 10 students were given advice and guidance through a series of workshops before they entered into their Work Experience.

Once again, employers can breathe easy in the knowledge that they will be receiving a group of well-prepped and eager to learn Work Experience students.

EBP Kent - Turner Contemporary

June 27 - 2011
Your Turner – Turner Contemporary

The sun held out as Primary school students descended upon the Turner Contemporary for the ‘Your Turner’ event. 38 workshops contributed to a jam-packed day with many young and budding artists displaying a full range of creative skills.

Kent based artists, construction companies, engineering collaborators, scientists, museums and the Turner Contemporary itself, all contributed to a day designed to encourage the next generation of creative people that Kent will have to offer.

What did the children say?

“Good day! Hot day! Awesome!”
“Great variety of activities.”
“Really fun! I did animation’’
“The Science Dome was fun!”
“It’s been exciting and fun.”
“I have really enjoyed it today.”
“Fun, enjoyable and good activities.”
“It smelt of seaweed!”

EBP Kent - Boldly flying high

June 20-24 - 2011
Sir Roger Manwoods – Business of Enterprise

The Business of Enterprise stopped off for a week at Sir Roger Manwoods. An incredibly intense, creative and practical week culminated in a final that was bursting with innovation and captivating presentations.

The Year 10 equipped themselves admirably, creating a highly-charged competitive atmosphere that generated numerous retail worthy ideas. Judges from Cummins, Barclays, Thanet College, Marks And Spencers, to name a few, were highly impressed by what they saw and gave professional feedback to the winning groups.

EBP Kent - Students in workplace

June 17 - 2011
Knole Academy – Work Experience Preparation

The Year 10 of Knole Academy enjoyed a day of Preparation before they embark upon two weeks of Work Experience. Health & Safety, Interview Preparation, Presentation Skills, are a few of the workshops that were on offer on the day.

Preparation days such as these, are vital to ensure a seamless transition from the classroom to the working world. EBP Kent wishes the Knole Academy Year 10 every success in the wonderful and varied placements that they are about to encounter.

EBP Kent - High Expectations

June 16 - 2011
High expectations

Ashford construction students were put to task by the professionals, three construction specialists set the task and had high expectations of the group. They had to work very hard throughout the day, measuring, designing, cutting, planning as a team to tender for the job.

All demands that will be made on them as they progress professionally in the construction sector. Denne are leaders in investing in the up and coming workforce, their commitment and vision is exceptional and a beacon example of best practice.

EBP Kent - Enterprise Challenge

June 15 - 2011
Enterprise Challenge

A double set of young people completed an enterprise challenge at Community College Whitstable, they were bright, creative, resourceful and met all the deadlines set with remarkable determination.

An energy packed time when all the enterprise skills were exercised, improved and in some cases discovered. Another big step along the way to becoming highly employable young adults.

EBP Kent - Work Experience

June 14-15 & 17 - 2011
Be Prepared

Over 500 young people prepared for their work experience this week; What will the employers expect? What do I wear? How long is the working day? What are the Health and Safety regulations? Who do I report to……..just some of the important questions addressed during the preparation sessions.

EBP Kent - Siemens Challenge

June 9 - 2011
Siemens Challenge

EBP Kent - Siemens Challenge

Students from the K College in Tonbridge were given the opportunity to work with Siemens Water Technologies on a fantastic new challenge. The task was to develop and present the most original and innovative product launch package for a newly developed technology called: “Chloroclam.”

Innovation was the order of the day as teams of students competed against each other to secure the ‘backing of the board’ and the opportunity to win a day at the local Kent Siemens Facility visiting various departments and meeting with key members of staff and management.

Many of the K College students showed how enterprising, committed and employable they are; this event marked the beginning of a long term partnership that will benefit so many learners and employees.

EBP Kent -Turner Twilight

June 7 - 2011
Turner Twilight

A Twilight Evening took place for the many Primary School teachers attending ‘Your Turner’ on the 27 June at the Turner Contemporary. With over 1000 students attending the day, it was of paramount importance to deliver instructions, timings and the general procedures for the day.

The event will be jam-packed with workshops influenced by Turner himself and ensures an inspiring (and fun!) day for so many young and creative minds. Turner Contemporary is an extraordinary place and the centre of so many exciting opportunities to come EBP Kent will announce new partnership programmes very soon.

EBP Kent - Royal Mail

June 7 - 2011
Royal Mail Challenge

The final of the Royal Mail Challenge took place at the Kent Innovation Centre. Royal Mail staff were left amazed, by the incredibly professional presentations performed by such a young group of students.

Innovative ideas were suggested for the marketing of the new Royal Mail recorded delivery service and provided food for thought for the creative team at the Royal Mail.
IT Diploma Students excelled and an invitation to present to more senior directors is being sort following the event.

EBP Kent - Business Enterprise

May 31 - 2011
Cutting Edge Technology

No fewer than 6 schools had their in-school Business of Enterprise Finals during the month of May. Judges from Barclays, Denne, Cummins, etc, were all hugely impressed by the invention, marketing and presentation skills on display.

This year’s Business of Enterprise has seen a huge increase in the level of competition between all of the schools, ensuring a tense and exciting final in Canary Wharf on the 4th July.

EBP Kent - Constructing Success

May 31 - 2011
Constructing Success

Construction students from K College in Tunbridge Wells were set an enterprising task by Denne Construction, as they were challenged to tender for a hypothetical contract. Materials were bought and equipment built as the students excelled in the bidding process. Many of the students displayed huge initiative in being able to think on their feet.

The challenge mixed the practical with the cerebral – the perfect combination for such keen students to advance in the construction world.

EBP Kent - Mentor Scheme

May 26 - 2011
Mentor Scheme – Ursuline College

The success of the first Mentor Scheme at Ursuline College alongside Cummins Power Generation, has inspired the launch of a second successive programme.

Students were invited to a commencement meeting where they were encouraged to get involved, as the benefits of the programme were laid bare.

A huge opportunity for so many students, who will have the opportunity to be paired with a Business Mentor.

EBP Kent - Interview Day

May 25 - 2011
Interview Day – Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

No matter what your age or years in the working world, an interview can be a very daunting prospect. Wilmington Grammar School for Boys offered their Year 10 students the opportunity to get a head start by providing each individual with an interview setting.

JTL , Warings, the Hospice and the Magistrates were among the employers providing interviewers for the day, offering an experience that will have been unique to so many Year 10 students.

EBP Kent - Work experience, Confused?

May 20 - 2011
Work Experience Preparation – Sandwich Technology School

Sandwich Technology Year 10 were prepped for the start of their Work Experience programme. They were offered guidance on how to present and behave themselves during their Work Experience.

Days such as these are of paramount importance, not just for the students involved, but for the employers as well, who give up so much of their valuable time to accommodate students on Work Experience.

May 19 - 2011
Special Choices Day

500 LLDD (Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities) students descended upon the Rare Breeds Centre in Ashford to experience a wide range of vocational and educational workshops to support future decision making.

Fun was had by all who attended, as students embarked upon a series of interactive workshops that enabled them to a have hands on experience of what they could expect, if they progress either to a college course or supported employment.

A full range of career opportunities was on offer and a huge thank you must go to the numerous employers and organizations who made this event such a major success. If you would like to see a short film please go to http://digital.kent.gov.uk/3586

EBP Kent - Choices

K College students from Health and Social Care Courses were facilitators with every group of young people. They did a fantastic job and were praised by so many for their professional day’s work. One young person from Aspen 2 wrote ‘ It was brilliant. I made some new friends called Julie and Sara. They were very nice and welcoming,’ Once again the staff at the Rare Breeds did an amazing job and played a major part in the success of the day.

EBP Kent - Smoothie Day

May 13 - 2011
Smoothie Day – Wilmington Primary School

The Year 6 of Wilmington Primary School pointed towards an extremely bright future for the entrepreneurial spirit of the country. The students belied their age to achieve incredible results, as they created a new smoothie company, marketed and branded a new range of products and presented to a panel of judges at the end of the day! Phew!

All of this was taken in their stride and the school should be extremely proud of the results produced by such a young and incredibly gifted group of students.

EBP Kent - Internships

May 11- 2011
Celebrating Internships

EBP Kent was proud to attend the Folkestone Grammar School for Girls’ Internship Award Ceremony. The ceremony celebrated a successful internship programme for the school’s Year 10 and commended the fine efforts of so many employers who were a key partner throughout the process.

A fantastic programme, that provided so many students with some purposeful projects at work. EBP Kent is offering selected internships for individuals or groups of students to support effective progression to the next stage.

This could be from Key Stage 5 to University or Year 12 to 13. Three schools have signed to participate in support of their young people.

EBP Kent - The Big Dig

May 6 - 2011
The Big Dig

Ellington Primary School took a step back in time as they got the chance to be archeologists for the day. Artifacts were unearthed and discussed as students learnt the importance of looking back in order to better look forward.

The significance of history and its impact upon modern ways of thinking was emphasized during this jam-packed, fun and practical experience.

EBP Kent - Make it your business

May 4 - 2011
Make It Your Business

Year 10 students from the Knole Academy were challenged to come up with the ‘next big thing,’ as they battled it out to be crowned champion in this Entrepreneurial themed day.

Students were expected to invent, market and present a brand new product that would wow judges and defeat fellow companies.

Competition was extremely fierce and a number of original products were on display for Judges to view and discuss.

EBP Kent - Royal Mail

May 3 - 2011
Royal Mail Challenge

Royal Mail launched an industry specific challenge for students at the Kent Innovation Centre. The students were tasked with the challenge to come up with a marketing campaign for the Royal Mail’s recorded delivery service that they will be expected to present back at the beginning of June.

A huge opportunity, to work with a large employer, on a relevant industry problem. Hot News will report on the results later on in June!

EBP Kent - Turner Contemporary

April 10 - 2011
Turner Contemporary

In Partnership with the Turner Contemporary's Schools' Programme an extraordinary day steeped in Science, Maths, History, English and Art is being prepared for hundreds of Primary School Children from all over Kent.

All kinds of specialists are volunteering their time and expertise to give young people a memorable experience at this new building, so quickly an iconic part of all that is Margate. To book or to volunteer info@ebpkent.co.uk

EBP Kent - Caring for old people

April 4-8 - 2011
Health, Society and Development

12 Year 9 students from Hartsdown Technology College spent the week visiting venues that would assist in their studies for the Health, Society and Development Diploma. Kent Association For The Blind, Age Concern, Kid Ease, Westbrook House, Westgate College for the Deaf, The Foreland School and Pilgrim’s Hospice all opened their doors to provide the students with invaluable information and insight.

Student presentations at the end of the week were of a high calibre and showed just how much they had gained from the whole experience.

EBP Kent - Cutting edge Creativity

April 8 - 2011
Cutting Edge Creativity

The first of this year's ‘'In School' Finals for the Business of Enterprise. Judges from Cummins and Denne were impressed by the cutting edge creativity of ideas developed by the young people. It was noted there were few services, mainly new products, all ingenious and all contenders for the coveted place to represent the school at the final taking place in the Barclays Building Canary Warf in July.

Over the years the quality of final presentations has increased so much the work of the year 10 ‘rivals many university groups' according to one of the employer volunteers.

EBP Kent - aebe logo

April 4 - 2011
A New Logo

A new logo has been launched to signify Quality Assured Education Business Link activity. The bar is set to determine the kind of organisation that should be contracted to deliver programs that meet the standards approved by the DFE. This kite mark has national significance, local excellence and regional sustainability stamped through it.

It signals recognition of many years thorough and detailed work by teams of specialists across the country, EBP Kent is proud to have such a team here in Kent.

EBP Kent - Making a Difference

March 31 - 2011
Making a difference to the young people of Kent

EBP Kent were delighted to be invited to Denne's prizing giving event for the young people in the Ashford area. Photographed is EBP Kent's Jill Webster presenting the Award for the ‘'Most supportive Trade Contractor' to Phil Parker MD of Solid Decorators, an outstanding employer who is making a difference to the young people of Kent.

EBP Kent - Remarkable Enterprise

March 31 - 2011
Remarkable Enterprise

Students at Highworth School took up the challenge with Coty and designed new lip products for this highly competitive market. Business volunteers make all the difference to this kind of enterprise activity, and on this day they were impressed with the quality of the work produced and the remarkable enterprise skills of the students.

EBP Kent - Teentech

March 12 - 2011
Teentech - coming to Kent!

Teenagers will soon be able to find out what it is like to be a 21ST Century Scientist or Engineer. In the coming future, Teentech will be heading south where it will be run in partnership with EBP Kent.

This will be a huge opportunity for young people to benefit from an event which has proved so popular in the Thames Valley. Endorsed and co-created by Science Broadcaster Maggie Philbin, Teentech is a unique collaboration between organizations at the forefront of cutting edge technology to show young people what life is really like in the modern science and technology workplace.

EBP Kent - Ursuline College

March 11 - 2011
Ursuline College - Horizons

A uniquely designed day, entitled Horizons, made its debut at Ursuline College for the years: 7, 9, 10 and 11. Employability Skills, Work Experience Preparation, practical hands-on workshops and 50 minutes on an Employer Trail, provided the many students with a jam-packed day that managed to bombard pupils with information, whilst retaining the ability to be fun.

With 30 employers involved in the Employer Trail or practical workshops, the day was a huge success and will, hopefully, prove to be an important guide towards improving the ‘'Horizons' for many more students throughout Kent.

EBP Kent - West African Symbols

March 11 - 2011
Ellington Infant School - Adinkra

The world is a smaller place in our modern times, as global communities are brought together by the means of fast paced technology and the sharing of cultural traditions and beliefs. Ellington Infants embraced this brave new world as they were taught the meaning of various West African symbols.

Pupils were given the opportunity to print their very own symbols as they learnt how to decipher and communicate using the visual signs of Adinkra.

EBP Kent - Employer Engagement

March 10 - 2011
Employer Engagement Twilight -
Kent Innovation Centre

EBP Kent are proud to support the needs and requirements of so many schools throughout Kent. An Employer Engagement Twilight Evening was held at the Kent Innovation Centre, offering a chance for teachers to have their say. The support and attendance of so many schools proved to be an extremely positive experience for all, as new employer involved workshops and future necessities were discussed and planned.

EBP Kent - Primary / Secondary transitions

March 10 - 2011
Transition Day - Palacewood Primary School

The Year 6 of Palacewood Primary School was involved in a Transition Day that would help students to cross the great divide that lies between Primary and Secondary school. Workshops involving Teamwork, Problem Solving and Communication were on hand to ensure the students will be able to make a smooth transition into their respective secondary schools.

EBP Kent - Business of Enterprise

March 3 - 2011
Clarendon House Grammar School for Girls -
Business Surgery

It was the girls turn this time, as students from Clarendon House Grammar School for Girls were given the opportunity to work with a Business Ambassador. Ideas were sold and marketing ideas pitched as the students were offered advice during their timed Business Surgery.

As with Chatham House, the competition was extremely fierce and points to some good natured rivalry between the schools of the Federation of Ramsgate Grammar Schools!

EBP Kent - Work Experience

March 3 - 2011
Work Experience Preparation Day -
Northfleet School for Girls

Students at the Northfleet School for Girls were given preparation as they are about to embark upon their one week work placement. This will provide the students with a unique opportunity to enter into the working world and develop an idea of, perhaps, where the future does and doesn't lie.

Students were offered advice on how to prepare themselves for the first day, where they will meet their selected employer.

EBP Kent - Journalism Day

March 3 - 2011
Journalism Day - Allington Primary

The young pupils of Allington Primary School learnt how to meet those impossible deadlines during a day of journalistic fun. News For Schools were on hand to guide the students as they learnt how to meet those tight deadlines and separate the lies from the truth.

The guiding journalist on hand was extremely impressed by the level of enthusiasm on display and commented on the massive potential shown by so many budding, young journalists.

EBP Kent - Tower Bridge Construction

March 2 - 2011
Tower Bridge - JTL Construction

EBP Kent was proud to show its support at Tower Bridge for the JTL Construction annual awards ceremony. Apprentices were rewarded for their fine efforts throughout the year during a fabulous evening which paid testament to the huge effort JTL contributes towards the nation's construction industry.

EBP Kent - Olympics

March 2 - 2011
LOCOG - Have You Got What It Takes

EBP Kent was hand for the re-launch of the Olympic themed 'Have You Got What It Takes' workshop. An incredibly popular project last year, students will again get the chance to develop a venue to host an Olympic team for the 2012 games while learning about the Olympic and Paralympic values that formed the basis of the 2012 campaign.

LOCOG have a huge network of schools all benefiting from the resources and opportunities that they provide. Schools and communities will be given the chance to profit from the national and global implications that the work of LOCOG and the 2012 games will proffer.

EBP Kent - Business of Enterprise

March 2 - 2011
Chatham House Grammar School for Boys -
Business Surgery

Students of Chatham House Grammar School were given the opportunity to meet and learn from a Business Ambassador as the Business of Enterprise gathers steam for so many of the schools entered.

The various groups or 'businesses' formed by the teams of students were allocated a set amount of time in the form of a Business Surgery, in which they would have the exclusive attention of the Business Ambassador.

The ideas on display were incredibly strong and point towards a solid showing when the final presentations take place at the end of the project.

EBP Kent - Mentoring Scheme

February 28 - 2011
Mentoring Scheme Launch - Ursuline College

Mentors from Cummins Power Generation were introduced to their partner students from Ursuline College in Year 11, who they will be working with and mentoring for the rest of the academic year.

This will be a huge opportunity for a number of students to gain guidance at such an important stage of their academic life.

We would like to thank Cummins Power Generation for such an incredible effort and look forward to continuing in fruitful partnership with them for the benefit of Thanet Schools.  

EBP Kent - Business of Enterprise

February 16 - 2011
Business of Enterprise/Stixx/Make It Work/Smoothie Challenge - Charles Dickens

A day of epic proportions involving Charles Dickens' year groups 7,8 and 9. The Business of Enterprise was kicked off for Year 9 with a Masterclass Day at St Augustine's in Westgate-on-Sea. The conference style setting and a multitude of workshops combined to inspire the students towards achieving maximum success over the course of the project.

Year's 7 & 8 were divided between Stixx, Make It Work and the Smoothie Challenge. All 3 challenges provided the students with an opportunity to experience hands on, practical activities coupled with the chance to exercise enterprising and entrepreneurial skills. The students excelled in their timekeeping and ability to present in front of a large audience.

The achievements of the day bore testament to the huge effort achieved in partnership between school, EBP Kent and various employers. A huge thank you to Cummins Power Generation and Thanet College Business Studies Department, whose assistance ensured the day, was a major success.  

EBP Kent - Smoothie Challenge

February 14 - 2011
Smoothie Challenge -
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

A refreshing dose of smoothie making saw the Year 7 of Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys take up a ‘Smoothie Challenge' by forming brand new smoothie companies.

The companies spent the morning producing an eclectic mix of colourful and ‘tasty' smoothies before coming up with a business plan that would, hopefully, lead to smoothie world domination! Employers and business presenters from JTL Construction and Barclays were astounded by the high calibre and professional presentations on display by students so young.

EBP Kent - Make it your business

February 11 - 2011
Make It Your Business - St Simon Stock

The Year 8 of St Simon Stock enjoyed a day of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship as they competed in a ‘Make It Your Business' challenge. Students were asked to form companies that would sell, market and finance a brand new and innovative product. Prototypes were made and presented to a panel of judges consisting of GForces Web Management Ltd, JTL Construction and Natwest at the end of the day.

The commitment and endeavor of the students impressed both teachers and business partners alike. The day was a roaring success for the many students involved and points towards a positive future for when they finally step into the world of business.  

EBP Kent - Mentoring Scheme

February 8-9 - 2011
Stixx Challenge - Cornwallis Academy

Over 200 Year 9 students from the Cornwallis Academy enjoyed a day of recycling and engineering as they competed against each other in the ‘Stixx Challenge.' Students were asked to design, market and make, a new item of furniture out of newspaper in what is proving to be an extremely popular and practical workshop.

The students proved themselves more than equal to the task of juggling the construction of their furniture with the need to produce a business plan and presentation, all to be completed in 1 day! IKEA beware! Special thanks to Warings and GForces Web Management Ltd who offered guidance to the students on the day.

EBP Kent - Lion Aid

February 7 - 2011

Following on from the successful Inspire project which took place at St Peter's CEP School early in December, Lion Aid trustee Pieter Kat visited the school to receive a donation collected by the teams of pupils following their sale of their products at the school Christmas Fair. Pieter had a number of visits on the week's agenda including meetings with Members of Parliament, wildlife artists, organizers of events, but he comments that by far the highlight of his week was the visit to St Peter's School.

Their enthusiasm and eagerness far exceeded his own expectations and Pieter was rewarded with more than just a donation as 'a forest of hands was raised at every comment he made.

'For the full blog please visit: www.lionaid.org/blog/2011/02/why-conservation-is-our-duty.htm

EBP Kent - Mentoring Scheme

February 7 - 2011
Mentoring Scheme

15 new mentors from Cummins Power Generation were trained to assist with the mentoring of students from a local school, in an effort to help raise aspirations and provide guidance to year 11 pupils at such a critical stage of their academic life.

This will be a huge opportunity for the students to work with a company that operates on a global scale and employs people from a diverse range of cultures with a wide range of qualifications.

EBP Kent - Skillfest

February 2 - 2011
The Marlowe Academy Skillsfest

The Marlowe Academy played host, once again, to an in-school Skillsfest for the many students of its year 9, 10, 11 and sixth form. UK Power Networks, Natwest, NHS, KETV and Kent University were just some of the 30 stands exhibiting and offering advice on career progression and opportunity.

The Marlowe Academy has held the Skillsfest for a number of years and the quality of exhibitors and the impact it has upon the many students in attendance continues to justify the event being held on an annual basis.

EBP Kent - Work Experience

February 2 - 2011
Work Experience Preparation Day

The Year 10 of Highworth Grammar School for Girls, were given the opportunity to better prepare themselves before they embark upon their two week work experience placement. Barclays, Magistrates, William Harvey Hospital, and The Kent School of Engineering and Digital Arts all presented workshops intended to give the students an idea of what it is they do and how it is they go about doing it.

Workshops on teamwork and communication rounded off a day that encouraged professionalism in the workplace and highlighted the wealth of opportunity available within certain industries.

EBP Kent - Forensic Science

January 31 - 2011
Forensics Science

Budding young scientists at Palacewood Primary School enjoyed a day of detective work, as they learnt about the many methods used in the world of Forensic Science. Finger prints were taken, footprints were analysed and crime scenes were solved as students learnt how science can be used in the fight against crime. This programme was part of the SSAT Enterprise programme.

"Fun, educational, exciting, nice teacher, cool groups, interesting and scientific." Palacewood student, Year 6.

EBP Kent - Student Lab

January 26 - 2011
University of Kent Bio-Science

Year 12 students from Hartsdown, Dane Court, Whitstable Community College, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and the Federation of Ramsgate Grammar Schools were involved in Adopt A Project at the University of Kent. The students were paired up with post-graduate partners, who they will work with and research on a biology related project.

The experience will provide the students with something unique on their application for University and the chance to be inspired by a Post-Graduate who is involved in 'real-time' research.

One student wrote 'Epic, I found it really interesting and so insightful. Looking in labs and talking to students was really useful. Thank you very much for this chance'.

EBP Kent - Business of Enterprise

January 25 - 2011
Business of Enterprise January 2011

Bordon Grammar School for Boys
Dane Court
Hartsdown Technology College
Ursuline College

A busy week with 800 students participating in a range of workshops in a conference setting designed to maximise their employability skills and help them to gain a greater understanding of the world of work and the expectations of an employer. There are still many more students to participate in the programme over the next couple of weeks.

EBP - Employer based skills

January 20 - 2011
'Employability Skills'
Year 12 and Year 13 are important years for study and preparation for the next stage including interviews, CVs and the employer based skills that are crucial for all young people. Maidstone Grammar School for Girls did an impressive range of work throughout the day last Thursday contributing to a highly professional atmosphere and some excellent outcomes.

EBP - Shock in the prison workshop

January 19 - 2011
'Justice Day'
Justice Day had a whole new level of learning this year with so many volunteers sharing their expertise with students from Sandwich Technology School, The Marlowe Academy and students from the host school Hartsdown Technology College.

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EBP Kent - Dover Grammar School

January 10 - 2011
'Business Applied'
Students at Dover Grammar School for Boys were given the chance to bolster their Year 11 Applied Business studies through interaction with various experts from the world of HR. P&O, Cummins Power Generation, Barclays, Dover Harbour Board, NHS and The London Fancy Box were all on hand to offer advice and guidance relating to current HR procedures.

An intense morning of employer constructed workshops was swiftly followed by an afternoon challenge where students were given the task of presenting some of the wide range of HR processes in a variety of styles.

A unique opportunity that provided the students with a different but ultimately fulfilling day, that will go a long way in helping them achieve success with their Applied Business course.

EBP Kent - aebe award

January 4 - 2011
Award for Education Business Excellence
EBP Kent is delighted to announce we have achieved the Award for Education
Business Excellence. A report will be available on the website early in the
New Year. 'My thanks goes to the exceptional, highly professional team of staff and all partners whose outstanding work has been formerly recognised by this Award'. Anne McNulty.

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EBP Kent - Inspire Synopsis

December 6 - 2010
Inspire Synopsis
The exciting and innovative project 'inspire' takes place at two primary schools (Christ Church CEP School and St Peters CEP School) in East Folkestone the week commencing 6th December 2010.

'Inspire' co-ordinated and delivered by EBP Kent, is part of the Inspiring Communities programme run by Shepway District Council which aims to excite and inspire young people, their families and the local community by working closely with local 11-14 year olds. This will help them identify realistic but stretching goals and raise their achievements at school and beyond.

The 80 children will form their own company and create products to sell at their school Christmas Fayre taking place on 10 December. They will gain business enterprise skills with the support and guidance from EBP Kent and professional mentors. The profit made by the children will be donated to their choice of charity; contributing to the project's aim to broaden young people's horizons.

EBP Kent - Project for biologists

November 25 - 2010
Extreme Biology Workshop for gifted and talented Year 12 Biologists
Two groups of Year 12 Biology students from the Clarendon/Chatham House Federation were involved in an Extreme Biology Workshop at Clarendon House Grammar School, on Thursday, 25th November. This was the first of a new venture and partnership between EBP Kent and Biosciences at the University of Kent.

The workshop encouraged the students to look at the 'Big Picture' in biology, giving an insight into related work and University aspirations, that the restraints of the curriculum does not have time to provide. A wide range of Biology disciplines were studied, looking at venues in Kent and London where there are working Biologists able to help and offer advice, and where volunteer work experience is possible. The calibre of work produced was of a very good quality.

The student's presentation skills were of a high standard during the feedback session, and proved to be stimulating for both students and observing staff alike. Several of the students will be given an invitation to apply for the Adopt a Project scheme to be run at the University of Kent at the start of 2011. A brilliant opportunity for all schools involved.

Already schools are signing up for more information in order to get their Year 12 students involved, all free of charge! Gifted and talented Biology students will be given the chance to extend their opportunities to a University experience and meet other like minded students from all over Kent!

EBP Kent - Career Choices

November 18 - 2010
For me or not for me
Today's youth are often faced with many tough decisions regarding options and future career choices. Walmer Science College alleviated the stress that can often be tied to such decisions by offering their Year 9 students some taster workshops based around various industries. Construction (Denne Construction), Retail, Catering (Michelin Star chef Paul Norman), Hair & Beauty, and Health & Social Care were all on offer to provide direction and guidance to students who will be choosing their GCSE options.

It was fitting that during Global Entrepreneurial Week, students were encouraged to think about their futures and the possibility of turning passions into profit.

The day could not have been more engaging. A huge thanks to all of the employers who were willing to take the time out of their own working days to assist and mentor the next generation of Britain's workforce.

EBP Kent - Smoothie Day

November 18 - 2010
Smoothie Day
Students enjoyed a healthy dose of smoothie making and entrepreneurship at the Walmer Science College on the 18 November. Eight classes were given the chance to create their own 'unique' tasting smoothies and market themselves as brand new smoothie companies.

The results were typically colourful as posters of all shapes and sizes were created as part of vibrant advertising campaigns, and interesting results abounded regarding the various flavours that the judges had the 'fortune' to taste! Five groups battled it out in the grand final, displaying incredible presentation skills that belied the student's young age!

Special thanks must go to volunteers from Cummins Power Generation Ltd who supported the day and imparted invaluable advice to so many of the budding young entrepreneurs.

EBP Kent - Journey into the world of enterprise

November 18 - 2010
Business of Enterprise
Global Entrepreneurship Week saw Walmer Science College kick start the 2010 Business of Enterprise competition. Over nine schools will be involved this year, with every one of their groups competing for the right to present at Pfizers.

The Business of Enterprise aims to encapsulate the spirit of entrepreneurship and is proven as a high impact way of improving student enterprise skills. Many schools submit forty teams to work independently with guidance from specialist employers to complete the challenge. This year has some extra special elements to enhance the experience of the young people including an additional host of new employers.

Walmer Science College enjoyed an entertaining Masterclass Day that introduced the challenge and focused on some of the key elements that will help their students to have a successful and productive year. Teamwork, Creative Thinking and Marketing were all workshops that challenged Walmer's groups to think outside the box and get the entrepreneurial side of their brains up and working!

EBP Kent - Platinum Partners

November 15-19 - 2010
Platinum Partners
EBP Kent celebrated the innovation and importance of Global Entrepreneurial Week by congratulating and recognizing the efforts and achievements of its Platinum Partner Schools, who have embodied the entrepreneurial spirit and raised the bar of innovation through Work Related Learning and Enterprise.

In partnership with EBP Kent, the Platinum Partner Schools elevated the standards of Education Business Link Activity through Quality Assured: Work Related Learning, Work Experience, Enterprise, Employability Skills and Economic Awareness.

2009/10 has represented an academic year for EBP Kent and all of its Platinum Partners, of hard work and high achievement through Platinum Partner WRL activities. EBP Kent would like to thank all of its Platinum schools for their continued partnership and look forward to the coming year and the higher achievements it is sure to bring. Teams of staff at each school and a host of volunteers from various employers across Kent are key to being a Platinum Partner, congratulations to each member of every team.

EBP Kent - Inspire

November 17 - 2010

Young people from the Folkestone began their journey as part of the 'Inspiring Communities' programme.

Students will work with employer mentors and develop skills of leadership, teamwork, creativity, and pure hardwork! They will have the opportunities to develop community links and be as enterprising as possible throughout the twelve week project. GEW marks the start of the journey, the EBP team are delighted that so many year six pupils from Folkestone schools will also be participating.

EBP Kent - Global  Entrepreneurship Week

Over half of all young people in the UK want to start a business. Yet only 1 in 20 of them actually do. We believe it's time this should become reality for more people across the UK. This year, we're making Global Entrepreneurship Week the barrier free week to make this happen. Whether you're here looking for ideas to host your own event or just looking at what will be happening during the week, you're in the right place.

See it all here: www.gew.org.uk

EBP Kent  - Thanet Skillsfest

November 10 - 2010
Thanet Skillsfest
Hundreds of Thanet Young people visited the Skillsfest to interact with employers and Training providers to learn more about the hundreds of pathways to progress to the next stage of their chosen area of interest. A team of journalists from Hartsdown Technology College spent the whole day developing an article about the event that can be seen on the Home page of this website! One of the teachers from The Royal School for Deaf Children wrote to say:

"Please thank everyone involved in the day at St Augustine's. Our school had a great morning and all the pupils said they really enjoyed it. The staff commented on how good everyone was with our pupils and how they let them have a go at everything"

"They are already looking forward to the next time and are saying can they take a packed lunch so they can stay longer"

"Well done for organising such a great day"

All the participating schools gave positive feedback and were delighted with the range of opportunities showcased for the benefit of the young people of the area.

EBP Kent  - Partner Schools

November 5 - 2010
60 employees signed up in one day, all eager to volunteer and work in EBP partner schools, from finance to marketing, from manufacturing to HR a host of skills and expertise to share. All volunteers are CRB checked by the EBP (an approved centre).

EBP Kent  - School Skillsfest

November 5 - 2010
School Skillsfest
Thirty employers gathered at St Simon Stock School with interactive stands showcasing their sector to inspire 800 young people thinking about the future. The buzz lasted throughout the day with students interacting and learning so much from the visiting professionals. One employer was so impressed with the young people he has invited the school to be a partner in a special project they are funding.

EBP Kent - UK Power Networks

November 3 - 2010
UK Power Networks
Students gathered as guests of UK Power Networks at the Pavillion in Broadstairs to complete a morning of wonderful Work Related Learning. Students tackled challenges such as 'It's not my fault', dressed in the full protective equipment and heard first hand from highly skilled electrical engineers about their work and their individual pathways to their current role. A great opportunity for any school, any group of young people to discover more about the teams of specialists involved in keeping the power switched on.

EBP Kent - Kinnarps Professional Development Day

November 5 - 2010
A Professional Development Day for Kent Teachers
Kinnarps hosted a highly informative event for teachers in Covent Garden. Both Teachers of Business Studies and Teachers of Design Technology attended and gave rave reviews of the whole experience. Senior staff from Kinnarps explained the work of the company, sparking great interest in sustainable manufacturing, cutting edge design and managing a global market.
"A great presentation, and opportunity for teachers of WRL to bring alive sessions in school." Walmer "I believe this company could be used during my business studies lesson to evaluate the importance of culture/environment and the ethos of companies." WSKC "Very informative, good presentations, very enjoyable morning." Oakwood Park Grammar School.

EBP Kent - Denne award evening

October 21 - 2010
Awards evening
Denne held a wonderful Awards evening to congratulate students and contractors for a range of successes from apprentices and work experience to special projects. It was a great honour for EBP Kent to be invited and to present an award. Denne have an exemplary record of support for young people and their journey to employment.

It is a privilege to work with a company that has such strategic vision and effective implementation of a variety of supportive programmes for young people, from school children to undergraduates. It is no surprise they are one of the current holders of the Platinum Partner Employer Award from EBP Kent (2010).

EBP Kent - Project for biologists

October 20 - 2010
Exciting project for biologists
Teachers gathered at the University of Kent to learn more about an exciting project for the most able biologists in sixth forms across Kent. In partnership with the University, the EBP has a programme of after-school activity to be completed by participating students (one three hour session) to select which students and schools will be able to adopt a research project with the university.

The work involved will not only be inspirational and very challenging but will also give our Kent students a unique aspect to their UCAS applications at a highly competitive time for university entrants. Teaching staff had a tour of all facilities, heard about the MA options for staff development and had a presentation by post-graduate research students. This event marked the beginning of a highly innovative partnership project.

EBP Kent - Enterprise day

October 18 - 2010
Skills day
Maidstone students at St Simon Stock School honed their enterprise skills in a day of frantic activity trying to meet deadlines, work as a team, and communicate effectively. An extremely creative cohort came up trumps with some excellent results enjoyed by all the employers involved in the programme.

EBP Kent - Visit our schools & colleges

October 18-22 - 2010
Schools and Colleges Week
Students across kent benefited from the generosity of employers who gave their time and expertise throughout the week. From Electronics to Construction, from Marketing to Business Management Employers volunteered to give their support to young people. The campaign was successfully led by the government task force and 75 Education Business Partnerships across the country helped with the details of the activity.

Congratulations to all involved and great thanks to the employers for taking up the challenge. Any more volunteers out there please do not hesitate to contact the EBP where you can be CRB checked, trained and join current programmes or be part of highly innovative specialist areas of work.

EBP - Marine skills

October 14 - 2010
Marine Skills
The Marine Skills Event was a great success. Students from 27 schools across Kent, ranging from 14-19 years, took part in this unique showcase of 85 activities demonstrating opportunities in the Marine and Maritime sectors.

These opportunities ranged from engineering, hospitality, health and beauty, travel and tourism, science, performing arts to business and construction and the Merchant Navy and Ancilliary industries.

EBP - Work Experience

October 11 - 2010
'Outstanding success stories'
More students have signed up for Work Experience and successfully completed all processes. Hundreds of employers across Kent have already taken students during this first term of the new academic year with some outstanding success stories.

EBP - For me or not for me

October 8 - 2010
'For Me or not for Me?'
A very important question on so many levels. The youngsters at Walmer Science College worked with employers in workshops to test their skills and increase their knowledge before answering the big question. Activities on Engineering, scientific research, Public Service and Business were very successful.

EBP - Work Experience

October 7 - 2010
Work Experience
Another 500 young people successfully signed up online for their Work Experience programme. Staff at the schools and the EBP team have managed the process while the young people have used the electronic system with great flair. Individually they can now check online at home at school or on their phone.

EBP -  Make it your Business

October 6 - 2010
'Make it your Business' enterprise day
Herne Bay High School used a 'Make it your Business' enterprise day to have an entire year group exercising their enterprise skills to the limit. Tight deadlines, impressive teamwork, effective communication and a great buzz of activity were all the ingredients for a successful day. The students were focused and determined and met all requirements of the day in record time.

EBP - Internship

October 4 - 2010
'Impressive array of opportunities'
Another group of young people successfully completed individual interviews for their Internship. A very impressive request list from Medicine to Media from Architecture to teaching. Employers in Folkestone and the surrounding areas have been extremely supportive coming up with an impressive array of opportunities.

If you are an employer and think you have a one hundred hour programme that requires additional support from a very enthusistic innovative young person then please email info@ebpkent.co.uk for more details.

EBP - 'Dem Bones'

October 1 - 2010
'Dem Bones'
The young children at Ellington Infants took part in a day learning about the human skeleton and the work it does! 'Dem Bones' had all the children focused and busy and was a delightful learning experience for all involved.


September 30 - 2010
The Ursuline College Westgate-on-sea arranged for all of years 8,9,10 and 11 to participate in an enterprise day called L.I.F.E.. The day looked at Life and fitness, Information and campaigns, Food and nutrition, Environment and exercise. All students did two workshops from Kick Boxing to Salsa, from Sunscreen protection to cooking with unusual vegetables, from Aerobics to cycling. They all worked in teams to draw up policies for the school and its wider community.

The ideas were extraordinary, so many suggestions of ways to bring all four areas into the life of the Ursuline College. Suggestions and recommendations made by the young people are being considered by staff and many will be implemented during this school year.

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September 28 - 2010
West Kent Skills Event
Tuesday saw hundreds of young people from fourteen schools in West Kent come to the Angel Centre to work their way around eighty interactive displays. There was 'Extreme Biology', a Master Chef, Journalism, Medicine, Engineering and even soldering a copper pipe! The young people were involved in all sorts of activity, some had an interview, some sat in a prison van and some had their hair done.

The employers and exhibitors were full of praise for the positive attitude of the young people. 'Running events with hands-on experience enables students to gain an understanding of all the opportunities out there.' '...Brilliant organisation; adding a fantastic, 'real-life' dimension to school life'.

EBP - Critical Incident Day

September 23 - 2010
The Critical Incident Day
Meridian Television spent two hours with the Diploma students during the Critical Incident Day, filming their interaction with all the employers.

The Dog Handlers gave impressive demonstrations of their work, the police, the paramedic, the Fire Service and a team of wonderful magistrates ran excellent workshops for all the young people to experience. 'I really enjoyed this day and now understand how they all work together, it was the best day.' Student.

EBP Kent - ICT Diploma

September 13 - 2010
New Diploma groups begin their Employer Engagement
The new intake of ICT Diploma students have begun their course working with employers straight away. The session was successful for all the learners who were able to understand the application of the theory in the workplace. A great beginning for the first step of the journey.

EBP Kent - Networks

September 9th & 15th - 2010
25 teachers have come together at two employer venues to network and to hear about the improvements to the administration of Work Experience for 2010 -11. Improvements to the H & S process, new protocols, and additions to the preparation process will all contribute to continuously strengthening quality assurance.

More teachers will attend two more sessions over the next couple of weeks and hear from some of the Kent employers who make work experience possible for so many.

EBP Kent - Work Experience

September 6 - 2010
Work Experience
Students across Kent have begun to sign up for their Work Experience, EBP and School Staff have worked together to enable students to use the web based system and to help them make appropriate choices.

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