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EBP Kent - Skinners Academy

July 20 - 2010
'Pure teamwork'
Teamwork with groups of employers that included the RAF was a great success with Year 10 at Skinners school. Students showed initiative, leadership, creativity and pure teamwork throughout the day, all skills the CBI remind us are at the top of the list of essential employability skills.

These students showed great potential and kept to task with the kind of determination required in the modern world of work.

EBP Kent - Bower Grove School

July 14 - 2010
'All problems solved'
Primary enterprise day caused great excitement amongst staff and pupils at Bower Grove School as they tackled a series of science problems around forensics. The super sleuths solved all the crimes and delighted everyone with the results. All problems were solved! This day formed part of the ELP offer.

EBP Kent - IT

July 9 - 2010
IT 'very impressive'
IT students benefited from individual interviews with an IT specialist who gave up most of his day to support the students. The Employee of an SME called Carriss took part in the programme on his day off to make sure he had sufficient time to interview every young person on the course, about the specialist project work they had completed.

The end results were very impressive and all students were commended for their professional approach to the task set by the employer.

EBP Kent - Children @ Meadowfield

July 8 - 2010
Special determination
Special children at Meadowfield worked hard to complete a series of team tasks during a busy Thursday in July. Students worked so hard and had a great day, they tackled every challenge with real determination and impressed local employers with their enthusiasm.

EBP Kent - Make it work

July 5,6 & 7 - 2010
Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls
'Make it work'
Kent Highway Services, KETV, NHS, Pfizers, Qinetiq and UCA set the Year 10 of Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls, six very different (but all of equal intensity) challenges that ran over the course of over 3 days. As an exciting alternative to the usual brand of work experience students were selected to work with a particular employer based upon future career aspirations and general abilities. The tasks were diverse and as varied as: to design a bomb detector (Qinetiq), to come up with their own fashion store (UCA), to design offices for research staff (Pfizers), to create a Sun Smart campaign to raise awareness of Skin Cancer (NHS), to submit plans for the development of 500 homes in Canterbury (Kent Highway Services) and to design and plan a 30 second television commercial campaign (KETV).

Joseph Ratcliffe from Kent Highway Services, who a complex challenge, commented: "We were amazed by the quality of work that was produced in just three days and the effort made by every team, it far exceeded our expectations."

Cath Cole, Pfizer, said: "I was extremely impressed by the quality of the projects delivered in such a short space of time. Normally students are allocated five days to complete this project and have guidance all the way through, so to complete this project independently and in just 3 days, to the quality they did, surpassed all our expectations."

All of the employers universally agreed that the standard of work was of a creative and professional nature that would not have looked of out place in a normal working environment. This was the debut for the event and the outcome could not have been more positive. The EBP team would like to thank all the employees who attended throughout the programme, and the school staff who were totally supportive and committed to 'Make it Work', and to the aspiring professionals of the future who excelled beyond all the adults' expectations.

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June 28 - July 2 - 2010
An incredible sixteen events this week involving a host of Kent employers, venues from Westgate to Wilmington, and students from age 5 - 18! The range of activity has been wonderful 'Maths and Cultural Diversity' for an enthusiastic group of eight year olds in Maidstone, to some very able Year 10 students in an industrial laboratory working on 'Enzyme extraction'.

IT Diploma students completed another employer led challenge, and all week the whole of Year 10 at Sir Roger Manwood's School completed an extraordinary week of Enterprise. Key Stage 3 Enterprise students in Folkestone are preparing the final stages of their project with some essential support from local business mentors, while BAF students in Gravesend presented to employers at the Basepoint Business Centre Northfleet.
The above activity does not include the hundreds of students now out on Work Experience across Kent, the majority of whom will gain so much from the reality of the working environment.

EBP Kent - Paralympic Games

June 21 - 22 - 2010
Olympic Day

St Johns RC comprehensive School completed an incredible Olympic Day. The employers were so impressed with the end result. Winning teams received pens, T Shirts and special Olympic badges. The amount achieved in the day was exceptional and all teams are to be congratulated.

EBP Kent - Bradbourne School

June 18 - 2010
'Preparation is an essential'

The Bradbourne School spend a whole day with the EBP and employers giving their students the best possible briefing before they go out to their Work Experience placement in a few weeks time. Preparation is an essential part of the process to help the student recognise the Health & Safety issues and to identify the employers' expectations.

EBP Kent - Work Experience

June 17 - 2010
Three events today, a Work Experience debrief for Year 10, a Key stage 2 Enterprise day and employer surgeries for some year 9 students. All successfully completed with positive and helpful feedback from all parties.

EBP Kent - Wilmington Grammar

June 15 - 2010
Expert Skills'

Wilmington Grammar School for Girls showed expert enterprise skills working with Flambeau Europlast Ltd on a challenge that had many groups working throughout their breaks despite the hot weather! Students, staff and employers were delighted with the results and very impressed with the standard of work and the amount achieved in a day. "Working in a business setting was cool.", " It was a great experience, I enjoyed every part of it."

EBP Kent - Laing O'Rourke

June 14 - 15 - 2010
BAF students from the Gravesham Cluster began their work on a challenge involving visits to several employers this week. The students from several schools looked highly professional in their BAF uniform. The winning team will tour the BBC and present to an appropriate employer according to the sector of their choice.

EBP Kent - Primary Enterprise

June 7 - 2010
'Primary Enterprise'
five days of packed primary enterprise

The Years five and six worked so hard with such creativity to come up with some of the most enterprising ideas this year. They had five sessions during the week, they worked with employers, with Key Stage 4 students and then showcased to staff, employers and families on Friday June 11th. Quotes from the pupils "It was great and I would love to do it all again!" "It was amazing, learning all the different things and being one of the WINNERS!" "It was very exciting and a fabulous business experience for me"

EBP Kent - Paralympic Games

May 21 - 2010
'Outstanding participants'

The North School students were outstanding participants of the 'Get-Set' Olympic Enterprise programme. The Key Stage 3 students worked really hard throughout the day and were totally focused to meet the demanding deadlines. Emma Wood (Manager of the Julie Rose Stadium and Leisure facilities in Ashford) was taken aback with the standard of work delivered by the young people and having never done such an activity before immediately signed up to work with the EBP and another school in June!

EBP Kent - Shepway District Council

May 20 - 2010
'Inspire' Enterprise programme

Another group of employees gathered in Folkestone at Shepway Borough Council to hear about the 'Inspire' Enterprise programme. There was immediate sign up and the EBP is delighted with the encouraging way adult mentors have come forward to support the programme. This time all the volunteers, including Councillors, were from the hard working teams of staff at the council offices.

Special Choices Event

May 19 - 2010
Special Choices
- . . . read pdf (4mb)
The Rare Breeds Centre Ashford

A day for LLDD students who are looking for progression after school to open employment.

EBP Kent - Students at Borden Grammar School for Boys

May 18 - 2010
'Cutting edge' ideas

Students at Borden Grammar School for Boys gave highly professional pitches to the team of employers who spent the morning discussing their companies, looking at portfolios and listening to presentations. The ideas were cutting edge with excellent research, in some cases prototypes available. Ian Smith Technical Trainer from Cummins Power Generation Ltd said of the winning team, "A very good idea that would be widely used, good understanding of finance and realistic financial forecast." All will be revealed at the final!

EBP Kent

May 13 - 2010
Special task

ICT Diploma students worked with employers on a special task prepared in September by EBP staff, the Diploma Line and the employers. All parties are delighted with the collaboration and are benefiting from the careful planning and preparation. The project will run throughout this year and next with thanks to exceptional employer partnership.

EBP Kent - Folkestone Academy

May 12 - 2010
Business of Enterprise final with employers

Folkestone Academy shared their Business of Enterprise final with employers, staff, students family and friends during the evening of May 12th. An inspiring talk on enterprise was a real winner with the audience as the panel of employers deliberated and deliberated over which company should go forward to Pfizer Ltd to represent the Academy in the Final. All the companies had something unique, all the students delivered strong presentations but the winning team had that unique extra quality worthy of a place at the final.

EBP Kent - Folkestone Together

May 12 - 2010
Employers sign up on the spot
The Quarter House gathering of businesses and employers was a great success. Many signed up on the spot! The venue was wonderful and the potential volunteers highly supportive of the East Folkestone Together programme and all the opportunities within it to support young people and the community.

EBP Kent - Bradbourne School

May 12 - 2010
Enterprise Day

Bradbourne school hosted a challenging Enterprise Day for their year 10 students who were very skilled at meeting all the tasks set on time. The challenge stretched all teams to the limit who worked to meet all the deadlines. 'It was something different, a different way of learning, it was great working as a team'.

EBP Kent - St Georges C Of E

May 6 - 2010
Judges were stunned...

...at the incredible new school opened for St Georges C Of E Students this term. The facilities gave a highly professional setting for the in-school final and were only matched by the excellent work of the students who gave some truly inspiring presentations. The final at Pfizer promises to be even more challenging than ever this year.

EBP Kent - Federation of Ramsgate Grammar Schools

May 5 - 2010
High Standards @ Pfizer Ltd

The whole of year 9 from the Federation of Ramsgate Grammar Schools watched the Business of Enterprise Final where the best teams battled for two place in the final at Pfizer Ltd. Ten business people from a variety of professional backgrounds watched all the presentations, looked around the market place and at the end of the morning chose the two teams.

The standards were high, clear evidence of effective research, of good understanding of finance and of working with a range of professional advisors were apparent throughout the Day.

EBP Kent - Paralympic Games

May 4 - 2010
Olympics Day

Castle Community College had an excellent Olympics Day with students tackling the tasks set really well with some very strong presentations. The students worked really well throughout the day and judges were very impressed with the end results.

EBP Kent - Inspire

May 5 - 2010
Inspire our Community,
Inspire our Youth, Inspire our Future

'Join us for a coffee and a cake'
12th May 4-5pm at Folkestone Academy

Become a Mentor for aspiring students in Folkestone Can you offer a helping hand to the youth of Folkestone, and help them reach new heights? . . . read pdf (4mb)

EBP Kent - Folkestone Together

May 4 - 2010
This week

The target is 50 Business volunteers to support the dynamic enterprise programmes developed by EBP Kent for the East Folkestone Together programme. On May 12th at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone all the employers will gather to hear more about this exciting opportunity.

So far 33 have signed up! If you can spare some time, are an active listener, can support students with their Social Enterprise project please contact EBP Kent to book your place. All volunteers will be CRB checked for the programme.

EBP Kent - Skinners Academy

April 30 - 2010
Skinners Enterprise Day

The new Skinners Academy dedicated a day to Enterprise and WRL and students exercised their enterprise capabilities to the full. Students made financial decisions, formed strong teams, took risks and practised creatively solving challenging problems.

EBP Kent - Paralympic Games

April 32 - 2010
'Get Set' Olympic experienced

The first Kent students experienced the 'Get Set' Olympic Enterprise Day for 11-14 yr olds delivered by EBP Kent. What a day! Students worked so hard throughout, changing tasks every 15-20 minutes in order to complete the programme in time to present to the judges. The results were exceptional. Congratulations to staff and students of Herne Bay High School. The winning teams will present to Sebastian Coe at an event in London, and the overall winners will go to Lousanne, Switzerland to the Olympic Museum. Herne Bay High School have set a high standard for Kent, with many more schools to follow Let us hope Kent will be represented in London and maybe even go to Switzerland.

'it was definitely one of the most enjoyable enterprise days we have ever hosted. A great opportunity for students to learn more about the Olympics and develop a better understanding of the Olympic Values'. S.Caswell WRL / Enterprise co-ordinator

EBP Kent - Special Choices

April28 - 2010
34 special schools across Kent came together

Teachers from 34 special schools across Kent came together to prepare for the Special Choices Day on May 19th. They walked the site, had a presentation from the Oast House Trust and shared their enthusiasm for the kind of activities that will be made available to the 800 young people attending.

EBP Kent - William Harvey Hospital

April 27 - 2010
EBP Kent formed part of a collaboration

EBP Kent formed part of a collaborative led by South Kent College and funded by Aim Higher for the Ashford consortium of schools to have a day of Health and Social Care based at the college. There were visits to the William Harvey Hospital, The Shepway Resource Centre, and the Hospice as well as a host of relevant workshops delivered by professionals at the college. The day was a great success with some wonderful evaluations from both students and employers.

EBP Kent - Journey into the world of enterprise

April 23 - 2010
In-School final for the Ursuline College

Students had some very interesting work to showcase with proto-types, marketing plans and some excellent presentations. The group going through to the Pfizer final showed outstanding teamwork and had done so much towards their social enterprise.

EBP Kent - Special Choices Event

April 22 - 2010
Special Choices Event

Diploma students were briefed at South Kent College for their exciting role in the forthcoming Special Choices Event. Students looked at customer care and the format for the day. Their roles and responsibilities form a core part of the delivery and such a positive group of young people will certainly rise to the challenge on May 19th.

EBP Kent - The art of a good interview

April 21/22 - 2010
The art of a good interview

Six people went to Folkestone School for Girls for two days to interview students for a brand new 'internship programme'. The results were very impressive, with students delivering outstanding interviews in many cases. Look out for more information about this dynamic programme.

EBP Kent - Fibre Optics

April 20 - 2010
Walmer Science College

Year 8 Year 9 year 10 were all testing their skills with various enterprise challenges at Walmer Science College. Fantastic ideas from Year 10 and the group going through to the Pfizer final have one of the best ideas yet according to the employers supporting the day.

Students had a taster day to help make choices, a wonderful engineer explained the world of fibre optics, in science the students looked at the chemistry behind fireworks, public services were another area of practical experience for the young people.

EBP Kent - Paralympic Games

April 2 - 2010
Get set - get enterprising

Paralympic Values for your school. Get in touch

EBP Kent - Journey into the world of enterprise

March 31 - 2010
Hartsdown Business of Enterprise

An electric in-school final at Hartsdown Technology School
Great teams represented the school for a tight final on the last day of term 4. The ideas were highly creative and some futuristic, the employers were delighted with the work of the young people. The team that will represent the school at Pfizer Ltd are now beginning their preparation for the big final.

EBP Kent - CSR for Diploma students at Level 2 and 3

EBP Kent - CSR for Diploma students at Level 2 and 3
EBP Kent - CSR for Diploma students at Level 2 and 3

March 30 - 2010
CSR for Diploma students at Level 2 and 3
Students work with employers to find out the real meaning of CSR.

Units 8 & 9 of the BAF level 2 and 3 set a challenge for students to fully understand CSR and all its complexities. March 30th saw groups of employers host students and demonstrate their own CSR policies and procedures. The students were well prepared with Q & A to help them maximise the professional time spent with a range of employers, from International Corporations to National household names to the small, local SMEs.

The day was a great success and included some excellent presentations so all the Diploma students were aware of all the variations to CSR even for the companies their group were unable to visit. Thank you again to the twenty employers involved and to the Diploma groups.

EBP Kent - Lip Product Challenge

March 26 - 2010
Enterprising Primary Schools rise to the challenge

The Lip Product Challenge came to Newington Primary School were it was met by some extremely creative and gifted young students. Lip products of all scents and colours were produced alongside vibrant posters and artwork. The presentations were hotly contested and extremely professional, providing the judges with a real headache when it came to choosing the overall winner.

EBP Kent - Spires Academy

March 25 - 2010
Spires Academy Employability Day

Spires Academy were put to the test on a day designed to provide an insight into some of the skills potentially required for a work based environment. Employability skills were assessed by workshops dedicated to the themes of Creativity, Teamwork, Business Finance and Marketing. The Year 10 acquitted themselves admirably, rising to the many challenges set before them, despite often being deliberately limited by time constraints and specifically designed problems.

EBP Kent - Business Surgeries

March 18 - 2010
Business Surgeries

Thank you to all the employers who have given their time and expertise to students in Business Surgeries. The first in-school final has taken place at Hartsdown Technology College and what results! The judges were very impressed and argued for some time over which team best met all the criteria to take the title, and represent the school at the final at PfizerLtd.

EBP Kent - Royal Mail

March 18 - 2010
The Royal Mail supports IT Diploma Students

Students had a wonderful specialist experience with the Royal Mail including four visits at 6.30am in the morning ! The Royal Mail have set a challenge to all the Diploma Group which will support the project. A realistic context set by an employer is exactly what is required for dynamic delivery of this diploma. The students have benefited from seeing the practical application of their studies.

EBP Kent - Swale Skillls Event - Watch video

March 11 - 2010
Swale Skills Event - watch video

The Kent Science Park was the venue for over 100 exhibitors to provide careers and qualifications advice to the many schools of the Swale area. Stands were exhibited in the Woodstock Centre and at the Kent Science Park itself who also provided lab tours for students with a particular interest in Science.

A Marquee, set up on the grounds of the Woodstock Club, was home to live music, choreographed dance moves and many exciting interactive stands linked to the Construction and Engineering worlds.

The time given up by the employers was greatly appreciated by all who attended and provided such a diverse range of career opportunities to so many schools. There were many positives to take from the day, as one student said: "The trip was amazing. I learnt a lot and a lot of fun whilst learning. I would recommend it and would definitely go again!" Swale Borough Council commissioned the event as part of their vision for Skills and for the future of the area. 'A resounding success brilliantly organised', Employer Wirebelt.

EBP Kent - Lip Product Challenge

February 24 - 2010
Lip Product Challenge

The Year 10 of Maidstone Grammar Girls School produced some outstanding artwork and presentations as the girls were set the task of creating a brand new cosmetic company. The girls were invited to create their own lipstick producing many varied and 'interesting' results with the help of the science department. A good time was had by all. The EBP Presenters on hand all commented on the high level presenting, that wouldn't have looked out of place within a professional work based environment. One student wrote "I enjoyed making the lip product. I would recommend the day to every group. It increased my confidence and I made new friends."

EBP Kent - For me or not for me?

February 10 - 2010
For me or not for me? Ashford

Year nine students at Christchurch school were totally focused on their four chosen workshops delivered by employers. Some chose construction, engineering, sports and music, others retail, journalism, food and nutrition, health and social care. Whatever the students chose they had some great experiences to help them with important decisions coming up in the future. The employers were very impressed with the focus and energy shown in the workshops.

EBP Kent - Weald of Kent

February 8 - 2010
Combining Science and Languages for a fast future

Over 30 science and language based companies and professionals set up stands to inspire the students of the Weald of Kent Grammar School. Year's 10, 11, 12 and 13 were encouraged to pursue science and language based careers whilst also highlighting the importance of these subjects in any career choices.

Talks from the European Commission and Stemnet kicked off proceedings stressing the wide range of job opportunities available within their respective fields. The NHS, EDF Energy, Genzyme, Smiths Medical and DSTL were some of the many professionals on hand to display lavish stands and offer priceless advice to the excited students. Assistant Headteacher Nick Oakley commented: "It was a great afternoon and students were buzzing with interest."

EBP Kent - The Marlow Academy

February 2 - 2010
Students talk to the experts

The Marlowe Academy provided its students with the unique opportunity to interact and converse with over twenty companies on the subjects of career paths and future job opportunities.

From the Army to the Police, Natwest to Thanet College, students were spoilt by a feast of varied and unique employers. The day provided invaluable face to face interaction that will have a positive influence upon many of the student's future career and higher education choices.

EBP Kent - Charles Dickens  School

January 25 - 2010
A successfull day

A Whole school working together completing four different enterprise challenges all in One day proved a great success. The students were focused and worked so well Throughout the day. Deputy Headteacher Alan Bailey wrote 'Our thanks to all at EBP for making the 25th the success it was.

Everyone I have spoken to says it was a great day.' Employees from Denne gave the 'Make it your Business' activity some truly professional support. One student wrote 'I really enjoyed this project because it brought people you don't know close together and got everyone involved. It was brilliant'

EBP Kent - Newington Junior school

January 19 - 2010
Forensic challenge complete

6 classes of years 4, 5 and 6 spent the day completing a forensic challenge. One Pupil wrote 'The forensic science day was really exciting to find out and discover, I exspeshly liked meeting the suspects.' Another pupils said 'It was really good I want to be a scientist'. Teacher Ms Lewis 'It was fantastic, totally interactive, it engaged all the children, it was very practical and superbly organised'.

EBP Kent - Journey into the world of enterprise

January 18, 22 & 28 - 2010
Borden Grammar School for Boys
Dane Court
St Georges C of E School
Ursuline College

Excellent work completed by year 10s as they tested their employability skills throughout the day. Teamwork, Creativity, Leadership, Business Finance all tackled by the year 10 companies as they begin their journey to increasing their understanding of the World of Work linked in partnership with local employers.

EBP Kent - Journey into the world of enterprise

January 11, 13 & 14 - 2010
Journey into the world of enterprise

Hundreds of year 10 students begin their journey into the world of enterprise. Using all their skills each youngster will be undertaking workshops in Creativity, Teamwork, Finance and Marketing at the first class conference venue St Augustine s Westgate.

Guided by Employers and EBP presenters each team will have plenty of professional advice and guidance as they develop a new business to showcase in April 2010.

EBP Kent - Happy New Year

January 9 - 2010
EBP Kent - Happy New Year click here

Thank You to all partners, we look forward to a wonderful 2010 strengthening current partnerships and building new ones.

Clarendon House Grammer School

December 14 - 2009
Skill Day @ Clarendon

Year 10 teams from Clarendon House Grammar School for Girls tested their Employability skills for a day and experienced a different approach to problem solving. Evaluations showed they thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

Whitefriars - Canterbury

December 17 - 2009
Christmas Gifts @ Whitefriars

Whitefriars Shopping Centre Canterbury hosted teams of students selling their Christmas gifts as they prepare for the Enterprise Challenge in the New Year. The companies proved to be a popular attraction for the mass of Christmas shoppers and the event was enjoyed by staff, students and the Business Volunteers.


December 17 - 2009
What a day!

St Simon Stock students rose to the challenge set by Coty to come up with a new lip product, to make it and show the route to market. Students were exceptionally focussed and in the words of one of the business volunteers 'a pleasure to work with throughout the day'.

EBP Kent - Seasons Greetings

December 21 - 2009
EBP Kent - Seasons Greetings

The EBP Kent team will be preparing for the new term until December 24th. Thank You to all partners, please click here to receive our Seasons Greetings, we look forward to a wonderful 2010 strengthening current partnerships and building new ones.

Swale Skillls Event

December 8 - 2009
Swale Skills Event Read PDF

Employer meetings at Kent Science Park have begun as part of the preparation for The Swale Skills Event taking place on March 11th 2009. Participation local, regional and national employers have all begun signing up to be part of this major event.

Maplesden Noakes School

December 10 - 2009
Stixx Challenge

One of Kent's most enterprising schools put Year 8 to task with the Stixx Challenge. There was frantic activity by all teams with extraordinary results, deadlines were met with great success.

EBP Kent - Thanet Skillfest

December 11 - 2009
Manufacturing a Future

11 companies came together for a working lunch to share their expertise and influence exciting developments for East Kent. Manufacturing Engineers, Operational Directors and MDs all keen to support innovative work for young people of Kent.

Herne Bay High School

December 11 - 2009
Enterprise Skills

KS 3 students rose to the challenge and came up with results in record time. Leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving and creativity were the skills required - HerneBay High students showed they were well on the way to an impressive set of employability skills.

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

December 1 - 2009
Work Related learning Day

Another wonderful Work Related learning Day for Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

Sport and Active Leisure Diploma

December 2 - 2009
Sport and Active Leisure Diploma

Teachers who will deliver Sport and Active Leisure Diploma will visit a series of employers, facilitated by EBP Kent. Employers will form a crucial part of the Diploma programme and delivery

Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov 16th-22nd
Business of Enterprise

Monday 16 November - 2009
Business of Enterprise Employer Launch

This year, twelve schools will be participating in the Business of Enterprise and this week saw the launch of the event for this year's participating employers

School Skillfest

Tuesday 17 November - 2009
St Simon Stock School - School Skillsfest

30 employers provided a wonderful day to all students at St Simon Stock. Students used their enterprise skills to research and find out more about employers and their areas of work

Young Dragons

Wednesday 18 November - 2009
Young Dragons - Launch
Read PDF

The launch of the new and exciting Young Dragons project happened this week at Chatham Outlet Centre. The event was launched with a fantastic key note address from Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of the Social Enterprise "Sunlight Development Trust"

Smoothie Challenge

Marsh Academy
Wednesday 18 November
- 2009
The Marsh Academy - Smoothie Day

A fantastic Smoothie Day at The Marsh Academy involving their Year 9 students, as they learnt everything about marketing their own Smoothie companies, including actually creating a new Smoothie!

Marsh Academy

Thursday 19 November - 2009
The Marsh Academy - Learn to Earn

Six students were chosen from The Marsh Academy's Year 11 to work within the heady world of event management for EBP Kent. A number of challenges were set for the year group, testing them on a host of enterprise skills which included leadership and problem solving.

EBP Kent - The Marlow Academy

Friday 20 November - 2009
Young Dragons - East Kent Launch
Read PDF

The East Kent launch of the Young Dragons project happened at The Marlowe Academy. Young Dragons is a new and exciting project that supports groups of young people who want to start up and run their own company.

Read PDF - Thanet Skillfest

Thanet Skillsfest 2009 Read PDF
Written by Ursuline College students

THANET schoolchildren gathered at St Augustine's to take part in a skills festi-val on November 6 which allowed young people over Thanet to discover possible careers for the future.

EBP Kent - Foxwood School
Foxwood School
The students at Foxwood School have made a beautiful calendar during an Enterprise Day. the calendar is now on sale and all proceeds will go to the school. A limited edition! Contact the school to bid to own one of these extraordinary calendars.

EBP Kent - Gravesham 14-19

EBP Kent - Showcase Cinemas

Critical Incident Day and Creative and Media Day
November 11 at Showcase Cinemas, Bluewater. Society, Health and Development Diploma Students came together to work with work with employers on their specialist subject. From the judicial system to journalism from disaster management to directing TV documentaries, the students had a go!

EBP Kent - Smoothie Challenge
Smoothie Challenge
St Simon Stock School in Maidstone had a very successful Smoothie Day on 22 October 2009. Some fantastic ideas were created by students and the presenters and business people commented on the excellent creativity, team work and entrepreneurial spirit of all the students.
EBP Kent - Hop Farm
West Kent Consortium Diploma Day
A wonderful collaborative effort by seven schools/colleges from West Kent took place at the Hop Farm. The students worked with employers on Construction, Health & Social Care, Creative and Media and completed some wonderful activities
EBP Kent - Gravesham 14-19
Diploma Branding Day North Kent
Gravesham 14-19 Consortium came together as a complete group of Level two Diploma students at the Riverside Community Centre. The students from 6 different schools and the college produced some great results and the evaluations showed they found the day extremely valuable.
EBP Kent - Flambeau Europlast Ltd
Business students excel with East Kent Employer
Year 10 students worked with Flambeau Europlast Ltd to resolve a problem set by the company. The teams set to task instantly and the Dane Court students did an excellent job. The pace was fast, and the work intense, with deadlines to be met but the end results was well worth all the effort.
EBP Kent - Thanet Skillfest
Thanet Skillsfest
Over 75 interactive exhibits enjoyed by every single secondary school in Thanet plus several special schools, the college and from 3.00pm the General Public. Employers have been so generous with their time and expertise including Dentistry, Architecture, Concrete Paving, Scaffolding, working with Animals to name just a few.
EBP Kent - Dean Construction Denne Construction and EBP Kent Ambassador Training
Congratulations to the Denne Construction team and associated companies, who have now completed this training. This training supports working in schools, taking apprenticeships and work experience students.
EBP Kent - Canterbury High School

Canterbury High School
Held their first School Skills Fest this week. All students met with a range of colleges and community organisations, who provided information regarding career paths, opportunities and training and interactive stands.

One employer, Steve Richards, SEA Limited set up an advertising slogan competition for the school. Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 entered the competition with the overall winner being it s funky, it s cool, it s a great, great school!  Winning students were Georgia Simon. Maizie Scamp and Ella Griffiths, who won a £20 HMV voucher.

Read PDF - Kent Marine Newsletter Kent Marine Festival Newsletter Read PDF
Written by Dane Court Grammar School students
EBP Kent Congratulations and sincere gratitude
To the thousands of employers who have provided Work Experience opportunities for young people throughout Kent during the academic year 2009 2010
EBP Kent - Business of Enterprise Congratulations to Business of Enterprise 2009 Overall Winners
The Folkestone Academy
EBP Kent - Construct with K'nex Congratulations to Construct with K'nex 2009 Inter Schools
Final Winners
Lady Joanna Thornhill (Endowed) Primary School
EBP Kent - Re-brand Margate Congratulations to Brand Margate 2009 Overall Winners
Ursuline College
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